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Choosing the Best Plants for Your Mount Laurel, NJ, Landscape Design

Choosing the Best Plants for Your Mount Laurel, NJ, Landscape Design


It may still be winter, but it is never too early to think about what your landscape will look like once springtime comes around. Walking into a nursery and selecting plants that look appealing may seem like the simplest way to go about the task. However, there are practical factors to consider when choosing plants, such as the size of your landscape and the purpose of each planting—be it for purely aesthetic reasons or because they serve a practical purpose. Read on for some guidance in choosing the best plants for your landscape design in Mount Laurel, NJ:


Determine the Purpose of Each Planting

Why are you filling a particular part of your landscape with plants? Perhaps you would like to give it a more natural appearance, in which case simple foliage could be the best candidate. Perhaps you need to provide more shade for your family or pets, in which case trees should be planted. Tall plants can also serve as windbreaks to provide relief to particularly windy landscapes. Do you feel imposed upon by the gaze of your nosy neighbors? Plant tall hedges, shrubs, and trees to form a natural barrier that is far more inviting than a brick wall that has no foliage whatsoever. Being clear on what you need a particular plant to achieve will make it simple to choose a fitting plant variety that matches your criteria.

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Knowing exactly why you are selecting a particular plant becomes more important the smaller your landscape. After all, small landscapes have limited space for creating plant beds, and each plant should, therefore, serve a clear purpose. If you need a certain part of the landscape shaded, keep that in mind before surrounding it in colorful flowers. These will later be pulled up and replaced by trees that can provide that much-needed shade.


Be Cautious When Planting Trees

When planting trees, there is little room for error. A large tree planted in the wrong spot can create annoying inconveniences down the road. Limbs can become hazardous if they overhang the driveway or home. Trees are also slow-growers and demand years of patience before their benefits can be fully enjoyed. Choose trees wisely so that you don’t have to remove and replace them years later, once you realize that you have made a blunder.


Plant Perennials

If you require plants simply for the addition of life and color to the landscape, opt for perennial flowering plants. Annuals need to be replanted every year, while perennials reappear year after year. Opting for perennials is a surefire way to cut the maintenance requirements of your landscape in half. Note, however, that these plants are by no means maintenance-free and do require tender loving care to continue looking their best.


Combine Evergreens and Deciduous Trees

Planting evergreens will ensure year-round freshness and greenery that can give a landscape a natural, inviting appearance. However, deciduous trees have their time and place too. The seasonal changes these trees experience keep the landscape interesting. While evergreens may serve as the foundation of your natural landscape, deciduous trees add that distinctive golden warmth to fall and expose their captivating twisted limbs in winter. You could look into combining evergreen and deciduous trees for the most enjoyable effects year-round.

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Choosing the Best Plants for Your Mount Laurel, NJ, Landscape Design

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