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Choosing Safe Pool Coping

When it comes to pools, safety is a priority. Therefore it is important to choose the coping material that surrounds the edges of your pool with care.


Non-slip Surfaces

The most obvious safety hazard around pools is slippery surfaces. Choosing a non-slip paver for your pool deck is important, and ensuring that the coping material has a little extra texture is a good idea as another measure of safety. Perhaps the biggest safety feature of Unilock coping is that it provides a gently textured non-skid surface around the pool, in colors that complement your design aesthetic. Brussels Fullnose is a great example.


Choosing the Right Materials

Not all stone is suitable for use as coping. Any materials that are prone to chipping or cracking would not be appropriate due to aesthetics and concerns over potential injuries. Textures that are too rough could be unpleasant on bare skin. As well, it’s a good idea to avoid materials that are dark in color as they may become uncomfortably hot in the summer sun. Unilock Ledgestone coping offers a natural yet completely safe appearance.

Many homeowners prefer coping with rounded edges. Coping comes in bullnose (rounded), square, or textured edges. The popular option for use around pools or hot tubs is bullnose, because of its softer appearance but also because it won’t snag swimsuits or skin.



Poor drainage in the area around the pool can contribute to buildup of fungi, mold, or mildew. Well installed coping can help channel any water that splashes out of the pool away, toward deck drains to keep the area around the pool as dry as possible.

Coping that is improperly positioned can cause injury or deterioration of the material. You can avoid this issue by working exclusively with Unilock Authorized Contractors, who have been thoroughly vetted by Unilock, are expertly trained in all Unilock products and installation practices, and offer a workmanship guarantee.


Coping and Aesthetics

While safety is always the main concern with pools, you do have an opportunity to combine safety with beauty to create a gorgeous poolscape that matches your style and preferences.

Coping stone can match any design aesthetic, from rustic to old world to traditional to minimalist modern. Choices include large format stones for a clean look, to narrow individual stones that can be configured to accommodate unusual pool outlines. Unilock offers many color choices in coping as well as surrounding pavers. You can boldly define a pool’s edge or seamlessly integrate it into the pool deck.

Choosing Safe Pool Coping

Unilock Brussels Fullnose coping surrounds this lovely curved pool.


Choosing Safe Pool Coping

This dramatic pool features Unilock pavers and Brussels Fullnose coping.


Combining Beauty and Safety

If you aren’t sure where to start, or which style of coping or pool deck will work best for your project, take a look at our Design Idea Catalog. As your partner in your landscape design and build project every step of the way, we can help you develop and realize your vision.

Since 1972, we have been helping homeowners reach their landscape design and build goals. By introducing you to our innovative, beautiful products and connecting you with reliable experts in the field, in your locale, Unilock becomes your partner in establishing a safe and durable pool area that can be enjoyed for years to come.

You can have a combination of beauty, safety, and functionality in every aspect of your poolscape. With many beautiful choices and professional installation that you won’t find anywhere else, Unilock coping will provide years of safe and enjoyable backyard pool fun.

Choosing Safe Pool Coping

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