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Choosing the Perfect Placement of Your Fire Pit in Cambridge, Canada

Fire pits are one of the most requested outdoor design features among Cambridge, Canada homeowners. Which comes as no surprise, as fire elements bring irreplaceable warmth and elegance to any backyard. However, fire pits require proper installation and a safe and convenient location. Here are some tips to help you determine the right location for your fire pit.


First, you’ll need to calculate how much space your fire pit will occupy. Remember to take into consideration the size of the fire pit and – if you include one – the size of your seating area. Unilock offers a variety of fire pit designs which are stylish, elegant and easy to install. Simply order a pre-packaged fire pit and give your backyard instant charm and appeal. The Rivercrest Firepit Kit is ideal for a modern residence that needs a flexible fire pit design.
The space between the fire pit and the seating area should be carefully considered. If you are planning built-in seating, you’ll need enough room for leg space while maintaining a comfortable distance from the warmth – not too close to prevent overheating and not too far away where the warmth won’t reach your visitors gathered around the pit.


When choosing your location, you’ll want to make sure the fire pit is placed in an open space. The flame should be a suitable distance from trees, branches, and any flammable materials. Proper ventilation is essential and, for emergency situations, always include a fire extinguisher, a bucket of sand or a water hose within reach. You may also wish to keep the fire pit a suitable distance from your home to avoid smoke blowing in through windows and open doors.


The best surface for a fire pit is either concrete, natural stone or gravel. It is not recommended to place a fire pit on a wooden patio. The surface should be leveled and be structurally sound in order to accommodate the weight of the fire pit.

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Ideal Location

If you are installing your fire pit on an existing patio, take a look around and determine the most suitable area. One helpful tip is to use charcoal or chalk to draw an outline of the fire pit on the ground where you think it will be most suitable. This will give you a clear picture of the space your fire pit will take up at that location and how it will fit into your backyard. This is also helpful when considering the best size and shape.
For your convenience, place the fire pit near other outdoor areas designated for socializing. This will make it easily accessible during outdoor gatherings. If your fire pit works on natural gas, you will have to run a line from the fire pit to the source of gas in your home. To make the most of your view, you can consider taking advantage of the high ground near your home. Your fire pit ring can be placed in a location where you can enjoy the best natural views or skyline, while remaining warm by the fireside.
After you determine the best location, build your fire pit from scratch with Unilock wallstone and coping options. To get the natural look of stone, use Brussels Dimensional Stone and combine it with Brussels Fullnose coping. The combination will create an elegant, rustic look for your backyard.

The title image features a fire pit and seating wall built from Brussels Dimensional Stone in Sierra.

Choosing the Perfect Placement of Your Fire Pit in Cambridge, Canada

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