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Choosing Patio Pavers that Match the Exterior of Your Waterloo, ON, House

Choosing Patio Pavers that Match the Exterior of Your Waterloo, ON,  House


When making choices concerning the landscaping of your home, you’ll have a variety of elements to consider, and the decision shouldn’t be one taken lightly. Make the right choice for your aesthetic, by employing the advice and expertise of a Unilock Authorized Contractor and by matching your patio pavers’ color and style to the exterior of your home in Waterloo, ON:

Match the Style of the Paver to That of the Home

The architectural style of your home should directly influence the choice of paver. More than the color or design chosen, the style should remain consistent. In order to maintain appropriate unity within your landscape and avoid a disjointed design, identify the style of your property and choose accordingly.



For a modern home, the patio pavers can favor sleek minimalist design, lengthy, straight pavers or standard and uniform pavers with a smooth texture. A great example of a contemporary paver choice is Artline by Unilock. This choice will serve you well for your modern patio creation. Other modern style choices in the Unilock catalog include Senzo, Beacon Hill Smooth, and Promenade Plank Paver.


Traditional Colonial

If your patio is more in the vein of a traditional or colonial home, choose a paver that reflects this style well. Town Hall or Copthorne, two brick-inspired choices, will complement the architecture, or consider Beacon Hill Flagstone to provide a flagstone slab feel. You can also consider the effect of continuing the interior with the exterior as you make this significant choice, considering the many other options that include Bristol Valley, Mattoni and Thornbury, to name a few.


Make the Color Complement the Home

Once you’ve chosen the style preferable for your patio, match the color to the home. Modern choices might actually prefer a contrast while other homes would work better with uniformity of color. Either way, Unilock is an excellent choice because of the sheer diversity of shade options.

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As a Swathe of Color

For homes that desire a monolithic swathe of color, the shade chosen should match as closely as possible that of the home. As an example, modern homes that have determined Artline as the series of choice can choose from Bavarian, Copper Ridge, or Steel Mountain, so any neutrally toned home will find a complementary unit of color. For more vibrantly-colored homes, consider Il Campo pavers. Il Campo pavers in Heritage Brown are an ideal match for homes with rich stained-wood siding. No matter the color of your home, you’ll find an appropriately matching Unilock paver unit in the style of your choice.


Or as an Accent

Another option for matching colors is to accent the tones of your home with patches of matching tones. Consider the effect of having the main field of the patio as a darker or lighter option with a matching tone as an accent. Breaking up the wall of color might be more impactful aesthetically. For instance, a running line of Town Hall pavers in Burgundy Red, Burnt Clay, Old Oak, Basalt, Heritage Red, Heritage Clay, or an onsite blend against the backdrop of Beacon Hill Smooth in Opal, Bavarian, or Granite Fusion will paint a powerful picture for your patio space. This choice is yet another best made with the assistance of a Unilock Authorized landscape design professional.

The title image features an Il Campo driveway in Heritage Brown.


Choosing Patio Pavers that Match the Exterior of Your Waterloo, ON,  House


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