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Choosing Materials for your Fire Pit in Pittsburgh, PA

Fire pits are one of the most commonly requested outdoor elements among homeowners in Pittsburgh, PA, and it’s no wonder. Fire pits make the ideal focal point, adding elegance and vibrancy to any outdoor space. Here we’ll take a look at how to choose materials for your fire pit that are best suited to your theme, color scheme, needs and function of the area.

Durable Materials

Unilock products are built to withstand tough weather conditions, heavy use and the heat of the fire pit. Choosing Unilock units for your fire pit will ensure its longevity and quality. As an added, finishing touch, Unilock also offers a number of coping options to further enhance the look and function of your fire pit. With Unilock products, you can also plan to incorporate a matching built-in seating area.

Pre-Built Fire Pit – Fire Pit Kits

Pre-packaged fire pit kits from Unilock make selecting the materials of your fire pit straightforward and simple. Another main advantage of a fire pit kit is its easy installation. With Rivercrest Fire Pit Kit, you can transform your fire pit area with Rivercrest Wall’s welcoming charm. The natural appearance and stacked flagstone texture makes the Rivercrest Fire Pit Kit a classic for creating rustic warmth and is available in the colors of Coastal Slate and Buff. Another pre-packaged option is the Sunset Fire Pit Kit. The Sunset Fire Pit Kit is a flexible option that offers five different shades, including Limestone, Desert Sand, Mahogany Ash, Sandstone, and Sierra.

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Customized Fire Pit – Style and Texture

The versatility of Unilock wallstone also allows you to build your fire pit from scratch should you choose to create a custom design. A Unilock Authorized Contractor will be able to advise you on the best combinations of material to use for your fire pit to match your surrounding hardscape. One popular pairing is Brussels Dimensional Stone with Copthorne banding and Brussels Fullnose coping an optional extra for finish. The combination of these materials adds a stylish touch to the area and will complement most themes and color schemes.
Brussels Dimensional Stone is not only a great alternative to expensive natural stone products, it is a highly versatile block. Brussels Dimensional Stone comes in six different shades including, Desert Sand, Limestone, Mahogany Ash, Midnight Charcoal, Sandstone, and Sierra, all reflecting the natural, subtle coloring of stone. Brussels Fullnose offers smooth, rounded edges and a variety of shades that you can use to create a dramatic or relaxed look for your fire pit.
For a modern look, pair Lineo Dimensional Stone with Ledgestone – the universal coping system. Lineo Dimensional Stone steal the spotlight because of their sleek lines and simple look.


Choosing the right color for your fire pit is a crucial step because the entire look of the fire pit and outdoor space depends on the color, contrast, and shades. Select a color that matches, complements or contrasts with existing elements of your hardscape or colors of your home’s exterior. When choosing a contrast color, consider incorporating a matching branding to tie the design in with the rest of your landscape.

The title image features a Sunset Fire Pit Kit by Unilock, built from Brussels Dimensional Stone with Copthorne banding.

Choosing Materials for your Fire Pit in Pittsburgh, PA


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