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Choosing Concrete Pavers for Your Driveway in Bedford Hills, NY

Many owners of Bedford, NY homes today are beginning to question whether it’s effective to install—or continue to maintain— an asphalt or concrete driveway. As concrete pavers have continued to dominate backyard hardscapes like patios and pool decks, many of the same homeowners that do those projects are bringing pavers to the front of the house as well. An ultimate statement in design and function, interlocking concrete paving stones offer huge advantages over asphalt paving for residential driveways. Let’s take a look at a few.

Design Possibilities

For homeowners looking to make a statement with the entrance to their homes, concrete pavers are a clear best choice. Extensive options in sizes, colors, shapes, and patterns make pavers a favorite among many high-end architects and designers because no matter the style of architecture, there is sure to be a paver product that will work well. Many homeowners enjoy the look of a main paver choice accented by a different color border and/or inlay. Check out the Unilock catalog to see the possibilities for your home in Bedford Hills.


Concrete pavers are designed to perform well in the freeze/thaw climate of NY. If installed properly, the interlocking system allows for a flexible surface, preventing cracking and heaving you can see with poured concrete and asphalt. Premium concrete pavers come backed with a lifetime warranty and Unilock offers a transferrable lifetime warranty on our driveway pavers. Try getting that from asphalt! Being in the Bedford Hills, NY area, another super important benefit of using pavers that’s worth noting is the fact that you can use calcium based deicing salt throughout our NY winters without damaging the surface finish of your pavers.

Reduced Maintenance and Return on Investment

It’s no secret that concrete pavers are substantially more expensive upfront than asphalt for residential driveway applications. But what is less obvious than this upfront investment, is the life-cycle cost homeowners are able to say goodbye to the hassle and the expense of resealing an asphalt driveway every few years. Additionally, pavers are structurally guaranteed for life meaning that they will greatly outlast asphalt. Homeowners save a substantial amount by not having to repair cracks and heaving typically found with asphalt driveways. Add all this up and combine it with the incredible resale value of concrete paver driveways, and you’ve got a solid investment for your NY home.

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