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Choosing a Theme for Outdoor Kitchens in Boston

Boston, MA, summers inspire outdoor gatherings and activities, and what better way to spend time outdoors than bringing the comfort of your home with you? An outdoor kitchen increases the quality of time and entertainment you can provide for your family and friends. But what style should you go for? Fortunately, there is a huge variety of styles out there, so you can be sure to choose one that both matches your interior style and existing architecture. Below we have put together our pick of the most elegant outdoor kitchen options to inspire you to start cooking outside this summer.

Modern and Contemporary

If you want a modern feeling and sleek minimalist appearance, Lineo Dimensional Stone can help you create an alfresco kitchen that looks both contemporary and elegant. These plank shaped units create clean, sweeping horizontal lines, with the subtle color options of Limestone, Sierra and Almond Grove further contributing to its sophistication. Lineo Dimensional Stone can be paired with the similarly modern Artline or Promenade Plank Paver to continue the linear aesthetic in the flooring of your kitchen. Bristol Valley pavers, with their crisp edges and thin jointing lines, are another option suitable for a modern aesthetic.

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Boston may be a large city, but nothing is stopping you from having a bit of the warmth and peace of the countryside right in your backyard. While it is true you should go for amenities made of stainless steel when building an outdoor kitchen, you can still get a rustic feeling by building the vertical elements and surroundings with an aged-looking stone such as Estate Wall. This wall unit is perfect for building outdoor spaces with a relaxed, charming appeal. It is also available in a variety of shapes and sizes, allowing you to build curved walls, kitchen islands and seating walls. Another option for achieving a characterful, rustic setting is Rivercrest Wall. Rivercrest Wall exhibits the rich texture and charm of stacked flagstone and is ideal for creating relaxed but visually interesting spaces. A host of pavers can be used to complement this aesthetic including the tumbled, timeworn appearance of Brussels Block.


Having a bar incorporated into your alfresco kitchen is a great opportunity to add a touch of the tropics into your outdoor setting. Remember to consider items such as beverage and ice storage, a drink chiller and a cupboard for glasses that is easy to access when enjoying pina coladas at sunset. These pieces can be built into stone walls with the sunny color options of Brussels Dimensional Stone in Sandstone or the earthy Sierra color option of Estate Wall.

English Country

To capture the warmth and essence of the English countryside consider brick-style pavers such as Copthorne or the authentic appeal of cobblestone with Courtstone pavers. Copthorne is available in a range of earthy and red color options including Burgundy, Burnt Clay and Old Oak for achieving warmth and coziness. Rivercrest Wall provides a suitable system for vertical structures of this theme, incorporating the stacked flagstone look typical of farms along the Irish and English Coast.

The title image features a grill island built from Rivercrest Wall units in Coastal Slate with Black Granite Series 3000 banding.

Choosing a Theme for Outdoor Kitchens in Boston

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