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Why Choose Unilock Products for your Retaining Wall Design in Hamilton and Waterloo

Retaining walls are an essential supporting structure for your Hamilton or Waterloo property. But not only should they be strong and functional, they should look amazing as well. Unilock has a range of products that allow you to create aesthetically pleasing and durable retaining walls to complete your landscape.

DuraHold for Major Support

If your home or business landscape needs a heavy load bearing retaining wall system, DuraHold can meet your needs. DuraHold’s blocks stack together to create potentially massive (up to 25ft/ 7.62 m tall) and ultra reliable walls. If you need a large hillside stabilized or an extensive wall system for any reason, this option is the engineering solution for you. DuraHold is the perfect long-term, high durability alternative to poured concrete and will last a lifetime without much in the way of maintenance.

Brussels Dimensional Stone for a Natural Feel

Your backyard should always look amazing and stay true to character. Everything placed in it should be consistent with its natural theme. Brussels Dimensional Stone is a great option for creating elegant walls with the look and feel of natural stone. This allows the hardscaping to assimilate smoothly into your backyard, without looking out of place, while the weathered and authentic texture looks great next to your plants and trees as well. Brussels Dimensional Stone is available in natural color options in shades of brown, gray, and red, which give an earthy feel to the wall – as if you had pulled the stones straight out of the ground.

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Rivercrest Wall for the Beauty of Flagstone

Flagstone has been used for centuries to create some of the world’s most amazing architecture. This flexible design element has primarily been used in Europe to build churches, castles, and various outdoor elements like walls and paths. Rivercrest Wall allows homeowners to create retaining walls that capture the natural elegance and charm of flagstone without having the hassle of having their wall blocks dug out of a quarry. Rivercrest Wall is an extremely flexible concrete product with its 13 different available sizes and shapes, allowing for the construction of walls to fit any dimension.

Pisa2 for a Piece of History

If you want your backyard to transport you back in time, then consider Pisa2. This product has the look and texture of aged rock that has stood the test of time. Pisa2 allows you to create retaining walls with the elegance of days past but the strength and durability of modern technology. With its broad range of functional shapes and realistic color schemes, you can be assured your retaining wall needs will be fully met.

Lineo Dimensional Stone for a Feel of the Future

For a contemporary, and even new-age design, consider Lineo Dimensional Stone. This wall system has a sleek and man-made feel suited to many modern landscape designs. Precise angles and symmetry lend themselves to the construction of the ultimate retaining wall. Whether it is to stop soil erosion around your pool or to create marvelous terraces, Lineo Dimensional Stone can meet the needs of any project.

The title image features tiered retaining walls built from Sierra Pisa2 with a Beacon Hill Flagstone patio.

Why Choose Unilock Products for your Retaining Wall Design in Hamilton and Waterloo ON

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