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Choose Unilock Products for Outdoor Kitchens that will Survive the Indianapolis Winter

An outdoor kitchen will undoubtedly help you host show-stopping barbecues during summer. However, you should ensure that your kitchen will be able to withstand the cold winter months so that you don’t end up paying for repairs and replacements every spring. Here are a few reliable Unilock products that will keep your Indianapolis outdoor kitchen in good shape all winter long, year after year.

Arcana pavers

These large format pavers have exquisitely sleek and modern surfaces, showcasing the stunning shades of granite, quartz and marble. Arcana presents a matte texture and a smooth, graceful surface that is guaranteed to add a touch of elegance to any outdoor kitchen. Their clean edges and the neutral shades in which they are available make them especially suited to contemporary kitchen designs.
Arcana pavers are excellent candidates for outdoor kitchens, as they are imbued with EasyClean Stain Resistance from Unilock. This innovative technology makes pavers easier to clean and protects them from the development of stains. Spills on your patio or outdoor kitchen floor are inevitable and uncovered kitchens are frequently exposed to the rain. Fortunately, Arcana pavers are non-slip and will prevent unfortunate accidents that may cause harm to you or your family.

The title image features a patio paved with Arcana pavers in Modena with a Vivanto border.


Richcliff pavers

Richcliff pavers have all the timeless beauty of natural stone, with an invisible twist. They are manufactured pavers imbued with Ultima Concrete Technology from Unilock. This grants each paver four times the strength of poured concrete, making Richcliff pavers an excellent choice for patios and kitchens exposed to the trials of winter.
Richcliff pavers are often considered as substitutes for bluestone, owing to their convincing natural surfaces. Reala Surface Technology is used to cast their realistic textures from real natural stone, for surfaces that are virtually indistinguishable from flagstone.

Olde Greenwich Cobble pavers

These pavers, despite their warm and inviting textures, are as compatible with contemporary designs as they are with traditional hardscapes. The pavers utilized within modern outdoor kitchens are often smooth and perfectly geometric. However, Olde Greenwich Cobble can be used to create modern kitchens that have interesting bursts of texture and enhance the overall hardscape design.
Olde Greenwich Cobble pavers are manufactured using concrete and high-performing materials that will withstand harsh weather conditions. These versatile pavers have rounded corners and subtly indented surfaces that are simultaneously rustic and sophisticated. The pleasant textures of Olde Greenwich Cobble pavers contrast beautifully against any sleek metal appliances that are installed nearby.

Thornbury pavers

Thornbury pavers have modestly textured surfaces that serve to create relaxed and authentically natural kitchen floors. They are available in three gorgeous neutral shades that can be relied upon to overcome the challenges of winter. Imbued with Enduracolor Facemix Technology from Unilock, Thornbury pavers have surfaces that are highly resistant to fading, ensuring that your outdoor kitchen pavers are still rich and vibrant come springtime.
Thornbury pavers are also permeable, ensuring that any rainwater or melted snow will permeate through the paved surface and return to the ecosystem. This prevents issues regarding the drainage on your property, as well as wasteful run-off into stormwater drains.

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Choose Unilock Products for Outdoor Kitchens that will Survive the Indianapolis Winter


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