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These Characteristics Make Unilock Natural Stone Superior for Suffolk County, NY, Hardscapes

Finding the right material for your hardscapes requires that you determine which option best suits the demands of the environment. With a dedication to providing Premium Quality Natural Stone that is further enhanced and protected with a variety of surface treatments, consider Unilock as the source for your natural stone in Suffolk County, NY. In addition, when you choose Unilock as the source for your natural stone requirements, you can rest assured that the stone you buy is ethically sourced from quarries in Asia and Europe. This means that fair wages are paid, no child labor is used, and working conditions are humane. Not only can you be confident in the durability of your investment, you can be satisfied with it morally as well.

Low Water Absorption

Water absorption can be one of the hardest environmental causes of degradation to overcome for those looking to lengthen the lifespan of structures, particularly on the ground, where exposure to water is unavoidable. Natural stone from Unilock has been treated to prevent water absorption, lessening the damage done to the material over time, even during wet and rainy seasons. Such treatments lessen the need for maintenance that you would encounter with natural stone from other suppliers.

Excellent Freeze-Thaw Durability

Another naturally occurring phenomena that is famously wearing on hardscapes is the cycle of freezing and thawing that occurs during the winter. The repetitive expansion and constriction that occurs as water freezes and thaws can stretch and deteriorate even hard materials. The durability of Unilock natural stone relative to this problem is remarkable. In climates such as ours, this characteristic of Unilock Premium Quality Natural Stone should not be underestimated; it’s integral to the lifespan of your natural stone hardscape.

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Flexural Strength

The durability of stone combined with the ability to bend and flex with pressure while retaining composition is the basis for a measure of flexural strength. Because it allows for the unavoidable movement that naturally occurs, this characteristic is a prime benefit to Unilock natural stone. As grounds shift over time, the flexural strength of your hardscape will allow your landscaped elements to remain intact, functional, and remarkable in appearance.

Precisely Cut and Calibrated

The cut and calibration of the natural stone is important. This characteristic becomes clear during installation. Ensuring that pieces fit together well enhances the integrity and strength of the overall structure. Unilock Premium Quality Natural Stone comes in uniform, precisely measured and formed units that offer easy installation, convenient replacement, interchangeability and aesthetic symmetry.

Stone’s Natural Beauty Enhanced with a Variety of Surface Treatments

An often unconsidered advantage of Unilock Premium Quality Natural Stone is the variety of surface treatments applied to the products. Durability, longevity, aesthetic, and function are the motivating factors of all treatments. As such, Unilock stands behind its efforts with lifetime guarantees. The surface treatments which Unilock applies make the aesthetic last longer, resist staining and fading, prevent slipping, and generally improve the overall look, feel, function, and lifetime of the natural stone pavers.

The title image features Unilock Sandstone in the Autumn Harvest shade.

These Characteristics Make Unilock Natural Stone Superior for Suffolk County, NY, Hardscapes

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