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Modern or Traditional: Choosing a Style for your Burlington, ON Stone Fire Pit

burlington, on stone fire pit
There’s no argument that a fire pit is a must-have in any discerning homeowner’s backyard, but choosing a style for said gathering point can be quite a challenge. Modern and traditional fire pits are distinguished not only by their aesthetic, but can vary also by the materials used in their construction. Here we discuss the main differences between the two styles.


Clean lines, sharp angles and striking design improvisations – these are the hallmarks of the modern fire pit. Usually rectangular or square when constructed from stone, most modern fire pits rely on the statement made by the bold geometry of their design for their aesthetic appeal. If you’re feeling daring, sunken fire pits are another stunning option, leaving the brim of the fire pit flush with the surrounding ground level for the ultimate minimalistic backyard. Modern fire pits can be integrated into both sleek modern outdoor areas, or combined with irregular natural features for an industrial look.
Where the modern fire pit draws the eye through its design, its traditional counterpart seeks to elicit the welcoming atmosphere of a cozy campfire gathering. Usually round, traditional fire pits are characterized by a natural, irregular aesthetic.


In order to achieve the strict regularity required for a modern fire pit, these are often constructed from smooth stone blocks with a high surface sheen and the ability to hold sharp corners well over time. Belmuro Wall is a great choice for a bold square fire pit, with its large blocks stacked in an orderly overlapping fashion. Summer Wheat is a great variation for those opting for a stark white aesthetic, while Winter Marvel makes good on the promise of its name by creating a fire pit with an otherworldly sheen that is sure to assert itself. Modern rectangular fire pits with room for visual detail will benefit from Lineo Dimensional Stone, which offers thinner, longer stones that can be stacked off-center while still maintaining a smooth surface. Homeowners after the uncluttered beauty of granite or slate will find Granite Blend or Midnight Charcoal to be excellent choices.
The choice of stone for the construction of traditional fire pits, however, is vast and naturally irregular. Rivercrest Wall is a popular choice for the construction of a traditional fire pit, with Buff in particular offering the look of the irregularly stacked flagstone of old village walls. Traditional fire pits need not be all disorder – opt for a regular block with an weathered texture and depth of colour such as Stack Stone for a neat, but timeworn appearance. Match the warm tones of your patio with either Mahogany or Nevada, or let the fire do the talking with cool Granite.


While fire pits can be easily constructed to utilize both wood and gas or propane as fuel, each style of fire pit can be accentuated by using different fuel. Modern fire pits, when used with natural gas or propane, can be lined with heat resistant pebbles resembling stone or glass, or even faux bark chips, creating the illusion of an unearthly fire hovering above the fire pit, straight out of science fiction. Traditional fire pits often call for large, stocky wooden logs as fuel, creating a warm, natural fire reminiscent of the campfire.
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