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Brick Pavers Minneapolis MN

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Unilock Pavers Superior to Brick Pavers for Minneapolis, MN Home Landscaping

The durability of Unilock paving stones exceeds that of clay brick pavers and makes them a better choice for residential landscaping projects in Minneapolis. Clay brick pavers are made of clay and are more likely to become damaged over time and during freeze / thaw cycles than concrete pavers. Since Minnesota experiences such extreme winters, it’s a good idea to choose paving stones that can withstand harsh conditions and last a lifetime. Not only are Unilock pavers made using innovative technologies that enhance their strength and durability, but they are also backed by our transferable lifetime guarantee.
It may surprise you to learn that concrete paver stones can be made to look just like traditional clay brick pavers. Our Unilock Select™ line includes brick styles such as:
• Copthorne® – for the look of old European street pavers
• Town Hall™ – with the appearance of historical Midwest clay brick pavers
There are also many other beautiful paving stone styles to choose from in our Unilock Select™ collection, including:
• Umbriano® – a unique surface that resembles natural granite
• Rivenstone™ – for the elegant look of flagstone
• Series 3000® – a sophisticated paver with an aggregate surface of quartz and granite particles
• And many more
Unilock concrete paving stones are ideal for a wide variety of home improvement projects, such as installing a patio, paving a driveway, creating garden walkways, and so much more. Our massive variety of styles, colors, sizes and textures, will allow you to create original designs and find the right options to suit your specific project and personal taste.
For more information about our paving stones and how they compare with clay brick pavers, contact Unilock today. We’ll be happy to set you up with a free estimate from a Unilock Authorized Contractor near your home in Minneapolis, MN.

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