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Boost Your Toronto, Ontario Front Yard Landscape Design with Modern Steps and Walkways

Boost Your Toronto, Ontario Front Yard Landscape Design with Modern Steps and Walkways


You never think about it until you have invited guests over….that narrow walkway that forces your friends to walk single file from the driveway to your door. This walkway is the entryway to your gorgeous home and it should provide a gracious, modern pathway to your front door. As North America’s premier manufacturer of concrete interlocking paving stones, Unilock of Toronto, Ontario, has just the solution for you! See how they can connect all of the elements of your landscape with attractive Unilock features.

A beautiful contemporary walkway should incorporate all of these features:



Your walkway should be a safe, non-slip surface. When the Toronto winter weather is cold and rainy, or windy and snowing, you should not have to fear slipping or falling. Non-slip pavers from Unilock are a valuable asset during wet and icy weather. Withstanding the freeze/thaw cycles is critical as well, as you should not have to dread repairing or replacing broken, cracked walkway surfaces when winter is over. Unilock Ultima Concrete Technology gives pavers up to four times the strength of poured concrete, ensuring a strong, flexible surface for your walkway. Consider a paver such as Richcliff, to ensure both a non-slip textured surface and incredible strength. Richcliff pavers are designed to withstand the elements and de-icing salts, and offer long-term surface stability.



Your home is a reflection of you and it should be beautiful and welcoming, a canvas for your particular style! Unilock concrete pavers come in a wide variety of sizes and colors, allowing you to customize your sidewalk and steps in any way you wish.

Contrasting borders and banding can add unexpected contrast to a standard concrete paver walkway. For example, consider the combination of Umbriano and Copthorne in Basalt, as an accent. Or Richcliff pavers with Courtstone Incorporate planters, colorful flowers and pillars, such as those created by Rivercrest Wall, to add visual interest to the landscape and greet your guests as they arrive.

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Scale and Proportion

Ideally, the walkway should be wider at your driveway to permit easy access from parking to your front door. The path to your door ought to be at least four feet wide to accommodate mingling and chatting among friends as they enter your home. Wide and deep steps allow for continued conversation as your guests arrive, and a substantial landing or patio can offer additional space for entertaining. A happy plus is that you also have a spot to relax on lovely evenings and enjoy your yard! Thoughtful scale and proportion of your walkway and steps can also help to accommodate elderly and handicapped visitors, providing easy access to your home.


Highlight Landscaping

Adding lighting along the entrance can make special landscape features stand out, while matching illuminated pillars and rock walls add an extra measure of beauty and safety to your landscape and walkway. Coping, such as Ledgestone, a gentle water feature or built-in planters can draw your guests’ attention to the beauty surrounding your entryway. Using different colors of concrete pavers can help to define specific areas, separating the driveway from the walkway, and the walkway from the patio. No matter the size of your home, a modernized, appealing walkway and steps will elevate your entryway from ho-hum to “Oh, wow!”



Boost Your Toronto, Ontario Front Yard Landscape Design with Modern Steps and Walkways


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