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Best Wall Units for Retaining Walls with Curves in New Hampshire

Best Wall Units for Retaining Walls with Curves in New Hampshire


If the perfect retaining wall design for your New Hampshire landscape consists of a combination of subtle, or bold, curves and a relaxed, elegant color scheme, these retaining wall units from Unilock are for you. Consider these retaining wall units for your landscape project and make your retaining wall system a central feature of your outdoor design:


Rivercrest Wall

Rivercrest Wall will stun your visitors with its natural character and stacked flagstone look. This wall unit offers an ultra-realistic texture produced using Unilock patented Reala Surface Technology, and comes in two neutral colors, Buff and Coastal Slate. Rivercrest Wall is ideal for creating walls that add class and elegance to the space, while offering the durability and benefits of concrete. As well as creating stunning curved retaining walls, this wall unit can be used for constructing pillars, seat walls, or steps. Its stunning texture and natural charm can even be repeated in the form of a rustic fire pit or fireplace. Rivercrest Wall also features a Rapid Pillar System for the easy construction of pillars to finish off your wall design.

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Estate Wall

Estate Wall offers stunning aesthetics and amazing durability, and is perfect for creating retaining walls, seat walls, planters, steps and pillars with the appearance of aged rock. This wall unit provides an original weathered surface finish to give your landscape a stately ambience. Estate Wall comes in multiple-sized units, and is available in the earthy shades of Almond Grove, Sierra, Walnut, and Granite – all subtle colors that will add time-worn appeal to the appearance of your landscape’s retaining wall system. Estate Wall features large, medium and small wedges in 6”, 4” and 3” heights.


Concord Wall

Concord Wall captivates with its weathered texture and rich aesthetic. This wall unit offers exceptional flexibility with a range of sizes, as well as a tapered unit for achieving flawless curves. In addition, Concord Wall automatically forms the right slope with its built-in setback design. Its attractive surface texture, combined with its color options of Almond Grove, Granite and Sierra will bring warmth to any landscape. This wall unit not only impresses with its design, but also offer incredible strength and stability.


Brussels Dimensional System

Brussels Dimensional System features three different tapered units, especially designed for creating any curve that your retaining wall might require. Add matching coping to your retaining wall with Brussels Fullnose Coping for a smooth, rounded exposed edge to complement your Brussels Dimensional System wall. Brussels Dimensional System offers a stunning color palette to bring this unit’s weathered surface to life.


Roman Wall

This wall unit comes with a split and weathered, distressed appearance that will make your walls look as though they have been standing for decades. Roman Wall offers a classic appearance and impressive structure, and can be used for building both straight and curved walls. Strongly influenced by classical architecture, Roman Wall offers a natural, rugged elegance that complements natural features of a landscape without distracting from the beauty of the softscape. Roman Wall’s substantially sized units include a 11.75″ X 7.875″ X 5.875″ tapered piece.

The title image features a curved Estate Wall retaining wall planter.

Best Wall Units for Retaining Walls with Curves in New Hampshire

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