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Best Uses of Unilock Natural Stone in Medford Lakes, NJ

Natural stone is a popular choice among homeowners in Medford Lakes, NJ, particularly for building walkways and patios. Unilock Premium Quality Natural Stone comes in a variety of colors, shapes, sizes, and textures made to match both contemporary and traditional landscapes. As well as high quality and dependability, Unilock also guarantees that all stone products are sourced and processed to the strictest ethical standards. Here are some of the ways you can benefit from these incredible premium products by integrating them into your landscape design:

Walkways and Paths

Walkways and paths are not only structures that connect different points of your landscape, they are also elements that have a powerful visual effect. They can be used to add elegance to the space and even form the centerpiece of an outdoor area.
Unilock Limestone and Sandstone are precisely cut and calibrated. Their natural beauty is also enhanced with a variety of surface treatments. Limestone is a popular choice for walkways and short paths because of its luxurious appeal and smooth yet non-slip surface. Its deep color options are especially suitable for contemporary and formal themes while the Renaissance Gold Limestone has a rustic texture and warm, golden color which creates a relaxed appearance and comforting ambience.
Available in the shade of Black River, Hearthstone, Winter Mist, and Midnight Shadow, Unilock Limestone will add a definite sense of luxury to your walkway. For walkways and patios, a durable material is essential. The range of treatments applied to Unilock Limestone will ensure the long-term durability of its appearance and structure.

The title image features a front entrance walkway and steps paved with Unilock Limestone.



Being the central point for family gatherings and social events, your patio should make a strong visual impact that will define the look of your outdoor space. Unilock Sandstone offers a wide range of colors that are sure to match your landscape theme. The golden shade of Autumn Harvest, rosy blush of Prairie Rose, or the earthy warmth of Indian Coast will ensure that the patio provides this level of visual satisfaction. Unilock Sandstone also offers beautiful neutrals such as Stone Cliff Grey, Greyfield, Niagara Valley, and Silver Birch that are available in the Medford Lakes, NJ, region. Being natural stone, each paver is inherently different from the next but together make a beautiful blend that captivates with character and charm.
Because of its attractive neutral and cool colors, the Limestone option is ideal for building a contemporary patio or one that allows the richness of the surrounding landscape to shine.

Poolside Areas

Because of the various treatments applied to Unilock Premium Quality Natural Stone to ensure minimal water absorption, both Unilock Sandstone and Limestone are excellent options for luxurious poolside patios or decking. The Limestone – Renaissance Gold, as well as Sandstone in Autumn Harvest are excellent options for this, owing to their sandy gold coloring that pop brilliantly when placed in conjunction with the bright blue shades of the water. Safety is also a primary concern when it comes to poolside areas. As such, both Limestone and Sandstone provide a natural non-slip surface, ensuring that it remains an excellent choice for waterside features.

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Best Uses of Unilock Natural Stone in Medford Lakes, NJ


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