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Best Step and Retaining Wall Block Combinations in Northwest Indiana

Best Step and Retaining Wall Block Combinations in Northwest Indiana


Steps and retaining walls are an essential part of any Northwest Indiana property, regardless of their location in the landscape. These features offer structural support to the soil, enhance accessibility and function, and, with the right materials, can contribute immensely to the landscape’s appearance. Consider these high-performance wall units and stunning coping options for retaining walls and steps that don’t compromise on appearance:


Rivercrest Wall for Old-World Flagstone Elegance

Retaining walls help to protect the landscape by holding back unstable soil, adding structural strength to area, and by helping with drainage issues. Retaining walls can also help to make the space more organized and provide level areas for plants, shrubs, and trees. Steps are an inevitable part of retaining wall design, contributing to the access between multi-level areas. The combination of these two elements contributes to a safer, more navigable landscape layout.

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For the sake of your backyard’s appearance, high quality materials that enhance the architectural appeal of the home should be used. This combination of looks and strength is easy to achieve with the range of carefully crafted wall units offered by Unilock.
Add a subtle touch to your landscape with the shades of Buff and Coastal Slate offered by the flexible Rivercrest Wall. Rivercrest Wall is perfect for a backyard remodel that includes walls and steps. Rivercrest Wall provides the detailed textures of stacked flagstone, along with the stability and appealing price tag of concrete. The unit’s ultra-realistic surface texture is cast from actual flagstone, with the help of the innovative Reala Surface technology, which is exclusive to Unilock. Continue the natural stone appearance of Rivercrest Wall by pairing it with Ledgestone steps.


Pisa2 for Sweeping Curves

Ideal for front yard landscaping, Pisa2 can be used for constructing both straight and curved walls and steps, and is ideal for creating multi-level patios with sweeping edges. Pisa2 offers an impressive split and weathered texture that lends a charming appearance to any landscape. Pisa2 comes with its own coping option for complete cohesion when combining retaining wall structures with steps. Pisa2 is a high-strength retaining wall unit that is as dependable as it is visually captivating.


Rugged Elegance with Estate Wall and Ledgestone

Estate Wall is known for its natural ledge rock appearance and unique antiqued finish. This wall unit is ideal for traditional landscapes where it can be used to extend a rustic charm through to the walls and steps. Ledgestone coping can be used to continue the natural ledge rock look with the coping and steps. Ledgestone is available in two subtle color options, Buff and Grey.


Modern Appeal with Lineo Dimensional Stone and Limestone

The epitome of contemporary backyard style, Lineo Dimensional Stone is ideal for smaller projects and low walls. This unit offers a modern look with its sleek shapes, crisp lines, and horizontal emphasis. Lineo Dimensional Stone is available in three colors, Granite, Sierra, and Sandalwood. To complement Lineo Dimensional Stone’s modern style, consider pairing it with a Unilock Limestone Natural Edge Coping. This combination enhances the smooth surface of Lineo Dimensional Stone with the more vibrant texture of natural stone.

The title image features a Rivercrest Wall retaining wall with Ledgestone steps and coping.


Best Step and Retaining Wall Block Combinations in Northwest Indiana

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