Best Retaining Wall Ideas for Small Clayton, NY, Backyards | Unilock

Best Retaining Wall Ideas for Small Clayton, NY, Backyards

Best Retaining Wall Ideas for Small Clayton, NY, Backyards


Finding the perfect cottage to renovate can be exciting! But what if the backyard is small and backs up into a low hill? If a hill or slope is stopping your small Clayton, NY, backyard from being all it can be, a retaining wall could be just the solution. Here’s how and why:


Retaining Walls for Drainage

Just because a yard is small, doesn’t mean that the space cannot be maximized! A retaining wall can be designed to eliminate any drainage problems that are part of the yard. Weep holes and toe drains can be incorporated to manage the moisture and prevent drainage issues. A retaining wall can also help with unwanted run-off after storms. Retaining walls slow down the flow of water down a slope and thus prevent erosion. Once the wall has been installed, you can enhance your backyard’s drainage capabilities by adding a Copthorne patio. Copthorne is a virtually indestructible paver that will not split, crack or fade. Crafted using a special manufacturing process, each piece is uniquely cast and equipped with EnduraColor Facemix Technology to give it long lasting color and a hard-wearing surface. In addition, Copthorne is compatible with permeable installation methods, allowing it to complement the drainage function of a retaining wall.

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Extra Seating Space

A retaining wall can allow you to utilize your backyard to its maximum potential. You might love the natural stone look of Rivercrest Wall, for example, or the weathered appearance of Brussels Dimensional Stone. Either of these options allow you to enhance the function of the retaining wall by adding matching Ledgestone coping to turn the wall into additional seating space. These wall units can also both be paired with the stunning natural flagstone appearance of Richcliff pavers.


Plant Beds and Herb Gardens

Choosing tiers as part of a retaining wall can allow for additional planting spots where you can cultivate tomatoes, cucumbers and herbs, or you can indulge your love of flowers and plant trailing floral vines and spring-blooming bulbs. The U-Cara Multi-Face Wall System, as an example, is an excellent option for multi-level terracing.


Define Outdoor Areas

A backyard that has clearly defined areas can be an intimate hideaway. Carving out an area with a retaining wall and adding a small pergola to one side of the patio can provide a spot for a comfortable couch and coffee table for reading and relaxing with a morning coffee. A small, contemporary fire pit featuring a custom design can add additional charm and the opportunity to enjoy the backyard even when the weather cools. Add lighting to your retaining wall to create a relaxing ambience as the evening descends. If you love to cook, consider a Lineo Dimensional Stone grill island with an extended counter for entertaining friends and family.

There is no reason why you can’t make your small backyard truly functional and attractive. A retaining wall system for your small Clayton, NY, yard can be the first step toward putting your personal stamp there! Unilock wall products, allow you to create a variety of vertical structures. Visit the Unilock Idea Center for more inspiration for how you can make your backyard your favorite place!

The title image features a Rivercrest Wall retaining wall with Ledgestone coping, paired with Richcliff pavers.


Best Retaining Wall Ideas for Small Clayton, NY, Backyards


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