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Best Permanent Seating Options for Square and Rectangle Fire Pits in Bay City, MI

Best Permanent Seating Options for Square and Rectangle Fire Pits in Toledo, OH


If you have a fire pit as part of your Bay City, MI, landscape, then you’ll know that it gets a lot of attention during gatherings. Guests and family members are naturally drawn to this practical design element. As a homeowner, you want to make sure that there is adequate seating space available. You also want to make sure that these permanent seating options pair well with the design of your fire pit. Unilock has many great combinations available for you.


The Sunset Firepit Kit and Brussels Dimensional Stone Seating

The Sunset Firepit Kit from Unilock is comprised of the Brussels Dimensional System. You can use this same versatile wall unit in the construction of the seat wall to create a matching design throughout your fire pit seating area. Consider pairing Brussels Dimensional System permanent seating with Brussels Fullnose or Fullnose Edger coping. This coping option has a weathered look that is perfect for achieving a traditional design style. Brussels Fullnose also comes in a variety of rich color options to ensure that your permanent seating matches the color scheme of your landscape. Brussels Fullnose coping has a rounded edge for comfort and creates an ideal ledge for housing discreet outdoor lighting.


Rivercrest Firepit Kit and Rivercrest Wall Seating

The Rivercrest Firepit Kit offers the stunning authentic appearance of stacked flagstone, owing to the Rivercrest Wall units from which it is composed. This same wall unit can be used throughout the vertical elements of your patio, particularly in the creation of permanent seating to complement your fire pit. Rivercrest Wall is crafted using Unilock Reala Technology. This means the stones are made with molds cast from hundreds of actual stones to create a lifelike design while maintaining the structural integrity of concrete.

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Lineo Dimensional Stone Fire Pit and Seating

For achieving a more modern design, Lineo Dimensional Stone can be used in the same fashion. Lineo Dimensional Stone has zero-bevel edge, allowing for crisp shadow lines and a sleek vertical surface for your permanent seating and fire feature. Pair Lineo Dimensional Stone with a patio paver with a matching contemporary appearance, such as Artline. Character can even be introduced to this design with a brick-style paver, such as Town Hall, and the realistic ledge rock appearance of Ledgestone coping.


Natural Stone Coping

If you’d rather opt for a natural stone coping option, Sandstone coping is a great choice. This coping comes in two beautiful colors, Stone Cliff Grey and Indian Coast. For a cooler color, and subtler texture, consider Limestone coping for your seating area. The Black River color option caters to a more contemporary design. Both Natural Stone coping options are available in Natural Edge and Fullnose for additional comfort. All Unilock Premium Quality Natural Stone products are ethically sourced from quarries throughout Europe and Asia, and are enhanced with a variety of surface treatments to ensure maximum durability, longevity of color, strength, and resistance to moisture.

The title image features an Artline patio with Town Hall accents, and Lineo Dimensional Stone verticals with Ledgestone coping.


Best Permanent Seating Options for Square and Rectangle Fire Pits in Toledo, OH

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