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Best Natural Stone Color Options for your Traverse City Patio

Best Natural Stone Color Options for your Traverse City Patio


Whether it’s grilling it up with friends or just relaxing solo, every homeowner enjoys spending leisure time in their backyard. Having a patio gives you the perfect opportunity to enjoy your backyard while adding value to your home. Natural Stone is a perfect choice for creating a luxurious patio with a rich feel that will complement the natural beauty of Traverse City, Michigan.

Whether your patio is big or small, Unilock Natural Stone will to stand up to the elements, enduring rainy days, snowy winters, and hot summers. Here we’ll take a look at how to choose the best Natural Stone color for your patio!


Your Existing Color Palette

The first thing to consider when choosing a natural stone color is the existing color palette of your home. If your home is an earthy tone, such as a beige, forest green, or brown, then staying in that color family is a safe choice. A traditional style home in a lighter shade of beige or brown would be beautifully complemented by Sandstone pavers in Indian Coast. For homes with finishes in white, blue, or gray tones, a rich, dark Limestone like Black River will provide a beautiful contrast and create a sleek, uniform look. If your house is made of brick, most natural stone color options will blend in with the look of brick. For houses finished in natural stone veneers, avoid choosing a color too close to the color of your home’s exterior, as this can appear too “matchy” and overwhelm the landscape. Outdoor areas with a variety of natural colors and textures more closely mimic nature and are more aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Experienced contractors can help you figure out what would suit your home’s exterior best, and you can find the right one here.

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Deciding on Borders

Another question to ask yourself before selecting a Natural Stone color is what will border your patio area. Will your patio be bordered by grass, flower beds, mulch beds, or walls? If your patio will be bordered by a grassy area or mulch bed, consider prioritizing a match to the color of your home, as most colors will blend very well with these areas. Choosing a Natural Stone, such as Sandstone in Stone Cliff Grey, can nicely accentuate flowers in beds or planters, and is a good choice for creating an expansive feel. If your patio area will be bordering a wall or vertical made from other Unilock products, such as Pisa2 in Sandstone, think about whether you’d like your patio pavers and wall components to blend together, or whether you’d like more of a contrast. For smaller spaces, picking Natural Stone pavers that roughly match the wall shade can create a nice sense of cohesion. If your patio area is on the larger side, consider contrasting shades. If you’re still unsure of what type of patio you’d like to create, be sure to visit the Unilock Outdoor Idea Center.


The Final Touches

The final aspect to consider would be what type of furnishings you will have on your patio. Will your furniture be solid wood, a lightweight aluminum, wrought iron, or wicker? A dark-colored wood or wicker patio set will lend a natural feel when placed on top of Sandstone pavers in Indian Coast. Will you have planters, hanging plants, or perhaps window boxes? Grecian style planters are a luxurious complement to Sandstone pavers in Stone Cliff Grey, or you can even have your contractor design planter spaces using the Unilock wall units of your choice. Don’t forget that you can also incorporate more significant design elements, such as a water feature or fire pit, to make the most out of your patio.

Whether you desire a natural style oasis or an upscale, modern lounge area, Natural Stone pavers by Unilock are a solid choice that combine the best of design, value, and longevity. We hope these tips helped you decide which Natural Stone color is right for you! For more design ideas with Natural Stone products, check out the 2018 Design Idea Catalog.



Best Natural Stone Color Options for your Traverse City Patio


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