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Best Landscaping Stones for Water Features in Youngstown, OH

Best Landscaping Stones for Water Features in Youngstown, OH


With high-quality being a standard for Unilock products, you can’t go wrong with any combination of Unilock wall unit or paver for your Youngstown water feature. The only question necessary to ask is which stone best fits the design you are trying to achieve?


Traditional Beauty

One common landscape design theme is the traditional look. The combination of weathered pavers, exposed stone and quaint features makes the traditional theme a popular choice amongst homeowners. The Brussels Dimensional System and Estate Wall are both great options for creating a water feature for your traditionally designed outdoor living area. These wall units both offer a weathered look, and will help to make your water feature seem like its been there for years. Still holding true to Unilocks high-quality and longevity, Beacon Hill Flagstone or Brussels Block pavers blend wonderfully into a traditional design as well. Beacon Hill Flagstone comes in a wide range of colors from Walnut to Slate Blue, which makes it perfect for fitting into the color scheme of your design. This paver is perfect for the area around your water feature since it is slip-resistant and offers long-lasting and hard-wearing color.


Modern/Contemporary Elegance

Another common design theme for outdoor living areas is a contemporary design. Contemporary design favors a more sleek and modern look. If you are trying to achieve this look for your water feature, then Lineo Dimensional Stone is a must. Lineo Dimensional Stone is ideal for the vertical portions a modern water feature, fire feature, grill island or raised planters. Lineo Dimensional Stone units have a zero bevel edge and sharp shadow lines which caters to contemporary design needs.

Series pavers can be used to complement or accent Lineo Dimensional Stone and is another premium choice for your contemporary water feature. Being of a similar modern style to Lineo Dimensional Stone, Series pavers are manufactured with a sleek granite appearance and with an Enduracolor Architectural Finish. This ensures long-lasting color, which is a desirable quality for water features that are repeatedly exposed water.

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Old World Character

One final popular design theme that you may be exploring for your water feature is the Old World look. Drawing inspiration from historical European streets and buildings, the Old World theme has the goal of capturing the character and essence of weathered cobblestone, and rustic natural stone features. That is why Courtstone is the perfect choice to execute this design aesthetic. Courtstone realistically emulates the look of cobblestone that has been worn down over decades. Courtstone is also made with EnduraColor Facemix Technology so this stone may look old, but it will stay vibrant for decades to come. Rivercrest Wall is a another great choice for accomplishing the rugged natural stone look that one might aim for in an old world design. Rivercrest Wall is ideal for the vertical component of an Old World water feature. These wall units, along with Courtstone pavers, are made with Reala Surface Technology, meaning that it has been cast from molds of real stone and cobblestone. These products offer a unique design because the shape and texture of each unit varies.


Whichever theme best complements your landscape, Unilock has you covered. The wide variety available to you offers endless possibilities. Click here to connect with an authorized contractor in your area to discuss these design themes and many more!

The title image features a Brussels Dimensional System water feature and Brussels Block pavers.



Best Landscaping Stones for Water Features in Youngstown, OH

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