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Best Driveway Paving Options for Adding Texture to your Landscape in Cheboygan, MI

Best Driveway Paving Options for Adding Texture to your Landscape in Cheboygan, MI


Boost the design of your Cheboygan, MI, property’s driveway with pavers that feature bold texture and colors. You won’t be disappointed with the selection of richly textured pavers from the Unilock product range. These pavers provide options to satisfy all your driveway design needs. Get started here with the best driveway paving options for adding texture to your landscape:


Il Campo

Il Campo pavers offer a unique texture and pronounced surface character. Each Il Campo paver present a brushed surface with irregularly etched lines for maximum visual effect and non-slip benefits. This results in an incomparable texture that will beautify your driveway. Il Campo’s vibrant color options include Heritage Brown, Dark Charcoal, and Coffee Creek.

Another perk of Il Campo is the paver’s adaptability. An almost endless array of choices is at your fingertips in terms of the pattern designs you can have with this versatile paver. From traditional laying patterns, such as running bond, herringbone, and basketweave, to a variety of intricately randomized patterns, Il Campo’s multiple size options make these patterns possible. As Il Campo works well for accents and borders too, you can also use this eye-catching paver as an attractive finish to your stunning driveway.


Tribeca Cobble

With a surface texture like natural granite cobblestone – rough and worn – Tribeca Cobble is high on the list of pavers that deliver on undeniably rich texture. These pavers bring the look of granite, with a time-worn feel that will automatically transform your driveway for the better. A Unilock Authorized Contractor can construct your driveway from Tribeca Cobble, with incredible results.

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You don’t have to stop there either. Consult with a Unilock Authorized Contractor to find out how you can build on Tribeca Cobble’s textural prominence. One way is to add another layer of texture to your driveway with Unigranite. These pavers, available in Dark Charcoal only, create impressive finishes as accents and borders. You’re sure to see the striking resemblance to granite, and there’s a good reason for that. Specially manufactured using actual granite chips, Unigranite also allows for changes to its original state. Units can be saw-cut to create a smooth, polished surface. The combination of these two pavers is a match made in heaven. Together they deliver layers of texture and create an overall granite-infused look.


Brussels Block

Brussels Block is the original tumbled block paver from Unilock. Reminiscent of quarried stone, the mostly muted colors of Brussels Block give you the opportunity to create a driveway with instant charm and character. The weathered look, inspired by old European design, comes in five colors to meet your design requirements. Consider Brussels Block in Sandstone, combined with the similar Euro-feel of Courtstone’s Basalt, for a respective driveway and border combination that can’t help but stand out. The vibrant texture and color of Courtstone framing the more neutral Brussels Block, makes for a color-story and textural vision that will leave enhance your landscape and engage guests to your property.

Another option is to use only Brussels Block for the driveway and accents. Coffee Creek and Limestone complement each other with their subtle differences. Try the former for your driveway paving, and have intriguing accents introduced with the latter.

Remember you don’t have to make all your driveway decisions alone, as Unilock Authorized Contractors are available to help.

The title image features an Il Campo driveway with Brussels Block and Unigranite accents.



Best Driveway Paving Options for Adding Texture to your Landscape in Cheboygan, MI


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