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Benefits of using Permeable Pavers for Your Oyster Bay, NY Driveway

Many Long Island homeowners today are interested in creating sustainable landscapes for their homes. Using permeable pavers for driveways helps achieve that goal. In fact, as of late, many towns and cities are either requiring the reduction of non-pervious surfaces per lot, or providing incentives in the form of rebates. As stormwater management becomes an increasing concern even at the residential development level, installing a driveway that is permeable will be the difference of being approved or denied for a new inground pool down the road.
Permeable interlocking concrete pavers (PICP) vary from regular concrete pavers in the size of the joint spacing and in the system used as their base. For permeable driveway pavers, the base consists of layers of differently sized aggregate, allowing water to be absorbed back into the ground water supply, rather than running off into the stormwater management system.
Unlike that of a traditional driveway of patio, the finished surface of permeable driveway pavers can be made perfectly leveled, allowing water to enter the aggregate base. As these permeable paver systems become more popular and advanced, many homeowners will experience the benefits of harvesting the collected water for uses like washing cars and irrigating lawn and plant material. Permeable pavers are well on their way to becoming a standard recommendation for residential paver driveways.
Selecting permeable pavers for your home’s driveway comes with many positive benefits for Oyster Bay residents. Permeable pavers last much longer than traditional blacktop surfaces and require far less maintenance overall. Aesthetically, permeable pavers have come a long, long way over the lasts few years here in the U.S. Check out the amazing permeable products in the Unilock line here. In municipalities requiring lower non-pervious percentages of land on new home lots, homeowners can gain back much needed space for an inground swimming pool or a paver patio area.
Townships and municipalities are also reaping benefits for permeable paver use which is the reason they often will issue rebates for those homeowners using them. Permeable paver driveways allow rainwater to be filtered underground, recharging groundwater supplies. Reduced water usage overall is another benefit as many homeowners are using collected water for irrigation.
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