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Benefits of Adding a Roof over an Outdoor Kitchen in Waterloo, Ontario

Benefits of Adding a Roof over an Outdoor Kitchen in Waterloo, Ontario


Whether the covering is a solid structure, such as an extension of your home’s eves, or the slatted beams of a pergola, adding a roof over your outdoor kitchen has a number of benefits. Here are some reasons to consider outdoor kitchen and dining area covering in preparation for the summer outdoor cooking season in Waterloo, Ontario:


Sun, Wind and Rain Protection

Enjoying the sunshine is a huge part of the fun of cooking outdoors. However, keeping at least a small portion of the outdoor cooking or dining area under the cover of shade will help to keep you and your guests comfortable. A simple pergola over your cooking area will do the trick. However, for protection from elements such as wind and rain, more substantial covering will be necessary. Fitting a pergola with permanent or retractable roofing, or having a larger pavillion erected is ideal. This way you can continue your outdoor food preparations even in the midst of a summer shower.


Keep in the Warmth

If you’re intending to extend your backyard gatherings into the evening, an overhead structure can help to keep the area comfortable by trapping in the warm air produced by the grill while cooking. You can add further comfort and additional heat by having a Unilock fire pit or outdoor fireplace installed in your outdoor entertainment area. This will also give you and your guests a comfortable place to relax after the meal. If your backyard is subject to a prevailing wind, you may wish to supplement the insulation provided by the roof covering with a wall system that can act as a wind blocker. Consider a wall unit, such as Rivercrest Wall by Unilock, that will add a relaxed, natural character to your outdoor kitchen and entertainment area.


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Create an Intimate Setting

A roof and wall system enclosing an outdoor kitchen and bar has the effect of giving the area a cozy, intimate atmosphere. This effect can be created even with relatively open structures, such as pergolas, by allowing vines to grow over the structure to form a semi-permeable canopy. To enhance the effect of intimacy and comfort created in such a setting, gentle downlighting can be attached to the cross-beams of the overhead structure. In addition, pavers with warm coloring and pleasing textures, such as Il Campo, Umbriano or Copthorne, can be used to underscore the rich colors and grain of a wooden structure.


Add Aesthetic Value to your Outdoor Kitchen

Let’s not forget – adding an overhead covering to your outdoor kitchen, whether a freestanding pergola or attached patio covering, just looks good. The structure can help to separate the outdoor kitchen from other outdoor areas and add architectural flair to the space. To enhance the architectural and visual effect of a pergola or other pillared structure, Unilock wall units can be used to construct the perfect footings. Units such as Rivercrest Wall or Brussels Dimensional Stone are ideal for creating pillars from which the support beams of your pergola can extend.

The title image features an outdoor kitchen paved in Il Campo in Heritage Brown and Umbriano in Autumn Sunset with Copthorne Accents, as well as Brussels Dimensional Stone verticals.


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