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Beautify Your Cedar Rapids, IA, Landscape Design with a Covered Outdoor Dining Room

Beautify Your Cedar Rapids, IA, Landscape Design with a Covered Outdoor Dining Room


There is nothing quite like enjoying the comforts of your dining room while outside in the fresh Cedar Rapids, IA, air. To get the most out of an outdoor dining room, a covered dining room should definitely be considered. Not only will a covered outdoor dining room beautify your landscape design, but it will provide a fully functional outdoor space that is always ready to use.



Adding any kind of roofing to your outdoor dining room will help to create a defined space that is apart from the rest of the landscape. This helps to create a more comfortable and intimate ambience, similar to the dining room inside the home. Because the outdoor dining room is its own unique space, it is important to both blend the space with the landscape and natural environment, but to also maintain the sense of it being a separate area. A covered patio, with the addition of a Rivercrest Wall fire pit or low wall, will help to really make the space look and feel like its own separate space. The addition of warm downlight installed in the cross-beams of your roofing, or lighting incorporated into bordering walls, is another great way to create a defined space with its own unique ambiance.


Pergola or Lattice-Style Covering

A pergola or lattice-style covered outdoor dining room is both elegant and functional. Both offer some shade while still remaining largely open to the outside air. However, the sizable gaps in the pergola and lattice-style covering may not offer enough protection for some, especially if your space is subject to a lot of light. For those who want more coverage, the addition of a shade cloth or fast growing vines can really help to soften the sunlight, add some charm, and offer protection from UV rays. For a truly impressive covered outdoor dining room, the natural granite look of Umbriano pavers pairs incredibly with the natural wood of a pergola or lattice-style covering. The natural colors and textures of the Unilock Beacon Hill Flagstone or Brussels Block pavers can also help to match the dining room area to the surrounding natural environment. Additionally, including a partial or full Unilock wall on one or more sides of the outdoor dining room, can really help to create more shade, without compromising the look of the pergola or lattice-style covering.

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Protection from Wind and Rain

The typical slatted pergola will not protect against wind and rain. A retractable roof can be easily added to a slatted roof, or can stand on its own. A retractable roof allows for the most control over the environment: It gives shade on those brutally hot summer days, protects from rain, and also allows the welcome breeze on perfect summer days. A full-coverage roof, such as a sizable pavillion, will provide maximum coverage and make sure that your dining room area is always protected from the elements. For a dynamic and finished look that complements your landscape, a full-coverage roof can be paired with contrasting elements. Pairing your outdoor covered dining room with the U-Cara Multi-Face Wall System columns, or Il Campo patio flooring, is a great way to create a visually interesting and defined outdoor space.

The title image features a Rivercrest Wall fire pit and low wall on an Umbriano patio.


Beautify Your Cedar Rapids, IA, Landscape Design with a Covered Outdoor Dining Room


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