Beautiful Driveway Paving Patterns to Match Your Home's Exterior in Howell, MI | Unilock

Beautiful Driveway Paving Patterns to Match Your Home's Exterior in Howell, MI

Beautiful Driveway Paving Patterns to Match Your Home's Exterior in Howell, MI


Your Howell, Michigan driveway is so much more than a place to simply park the car. The best driveways not only complement your home’s exterior, but with the right paving pattern, can really enhance your home’s curb appeal. For a beautiful driveway that is uniquely yours, take a look at these paving patterns:



Because borders frame a driveway and draw the eye to the entrance of your home, they are a subtle way of making your home feel more welcoming. But borders do so much more! Functionally, borders made of Unilock pavers provide protection by preserving the edges of a gravel or asphalt driveway. Aesthetically, the combination of a light-colored gravel or paving stone paired with a dark paver border is a great way to create a dynamic, rich, and visually stimulating driveway. The Unilock Il Campo paver, for example, comes in several shades that lend themselves well to creating dramatic borders and patterns. Consider, also, combining different styles of paver. A Courtstone paver driveway accented with a Copthorne paver border, creates a visually interesting and truly beautiful bordered driveway.



If you are looking for a pattern that has the potential to be formal or modern, traditional or rustic, the I-pattern offers many options when it comes to style. The I-pattern gets its name from the shape it forms, the shape of a capital letter “I”. The I-pattern is dynamic, in that it lends itself well to variation. Composing the pattern of several different sized paving stones, offered by pavers like Olde Greenwich Cobble, can have incredible effects. Using different sized pavers in the I-pattern also has the added bonus of creating a highly durable and virtually indestructible driveway. There is a lot that can be done with color and texture, as well. Creativity is welcome in the I-pattern, thus, if you are looking for a truly unique driveway, the I-pattern is a great option.


Running Bond Pattern

For those who are partial to the look and feel of historic brick or cobblestone, the running bond pattern is the pattern for you. The running bond pattern is simple and really captures the look and feel of the old European cobblestone or brick streets. Unilock offers a line of historically inspired pavers that capture the essence of Old World streets while utilizing modern technology. Pavers like Unilock Copthorne or Courtstone, are both incredibly durable and authentic looking.

Running bond is a great choice to complement colonial homes, but can even work well as a unique accent to more modern homes as well.

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The Herringbone pattern is incredibly versatile and durable. The herringbone pattern consists of paving stones placed in alternating 45 and 90 degree angles to create a zig-zag pattern. This pattern lends itself well to virtually any paver stone. The herringbone pattern is particularly impressive when slightly different shades of paver stone are used, so pavers like the Unilock Town Hall or Hollandstone are both great options. The herringbone pattern is one of the most durable paver patterns due to its natural redistribution of weight between one stone and the next.

The title image features a Courtstone paver driveway with Copthorne accents.


Beautiful Driveway Paving Patterns to Match Your Home's Exterior in Howell, MI


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