Backyard Pool Ideas for Incorporating the Look and Feel of Natural Stone in Petoskey, Traverse City, Cheboygan | Unilock

Backyard Pool Ideas for Incorporating the Look and Feel of Natural Stone in Petoskey, Traverse City, Cheboygan

Have you ever considered adding a backyard pool to your landscape? Michigan might not have the same hot summers as California or Florida, but it certainly has its days of pleasant sunshine. If you live in Petoskey, Traverse City or Cheboygan, you know very well that there are days when all you want to do is cool down with a splash. Here are some ideas to help you capture the charm of natural stone in your pool installation or remodel, while keeping your hardscape durable and low maintenance.

Curved Hardscaping

Although people commonly think of pools as being long and rectangular, you won’t be hosting the Olympics at home, so feel free to be creative with your pool design. Depending on the type of pool, most can be custom-made to a myriad of shapes, including rounded corners or entire pools curved to fit the space you have available. You need not worry about finding elegant pavers to frame the organic shape, either. Pisa2 coping is designed to adapt to the needs of a curved or rounded space, while keeping the natural feel of your outdoor design. Remember to consider the shape theme of your landscape when choosing pool furniture and accent decoration as well, so they remain in keeping with the smooth lines, without hard corners.

Waterfall Walls

The water in your pool needs to be constantly filtered anyway, so why return the fresh water to your pool in style? A waterfall is a great way to do this, adding dynamism and the soothing sounds of running water to your backyard. Opt for a wall built along the full or partial length of your pool using durable concrete products with the look of weathered stone, such as RomanPisa. Building up the back of the fountain machinery will help to lend your landscape a finished look, but be sure to install a cover or coping over the hollowed space that can be removed if need be. Moveable stone planters placed on top of the waterfall wall serve to both weigh down the covering and add greenery and naturalistic charm to your pool area. Complete the natural look by using Brussels Block for the pool decking and Brussels Dimensional System for the pool coping.

Hidden High-Tech Convenience

Just because it looks natural doesn’t mean it can’t be imbued with modern-day technology and conveniences. Today’s pool industry has a lot more to offer than waterfall filtration systems: bubbly fountains can provide fun for the kids and even integrated umbrellas that can be erected when shade is needed in the midday sun. Features such as your pool filtration system, outdoor and underwater lighting and heating, can all be installed to run on systems that allow you to control them through your mobile devices. As with the waterfall wall, these systems can all be safely and beautifully concealed in hardscaped vertical elements such as planters, retaining walls and even steps built from wallstone with the charm of Old Europe, such as Estate Wall. Beacon Hill Flagstone is a great paver for a complementary pool deck, as its soft blended color match well with natural features. To finish, consider a product with smooth round edges for coping, like Brussels Fullnose. This combination is featured in the title image above.

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Backyard Pool Ideas for Incorporating the Look and Feel of Natural Stone in Petoskey, Traverse City, Cheboygan, MI

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