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Ask your Driveway Contractor about these Permeable Paver Options in Mississauga

For the eco-conscious Mississauga, ON, homeowner, permeable pavers are definitely the material of choice for driveways and walkways. These pavers give you all the advantages of traditional concrete pavers, such as ease of installation and affordability, while allowing water to drain through them for effective management of stormwater runoff and drainage. Effective drainage allows water to be retained by the ecosystem, keeping your water table high. Reducing surface water runoff is essential for protecting a landscape from erosion, mitigating the risk of flooding, as well as easing the demands on stormwater drains. At Unilock, our permeable pavers offer all these advantages alongside unrivaled aesthetics and durability to give you the best experience.

Town Hall

The Town Hall line of pavers is the best representation of eco-friendly design coupled with the timeless class of brick style pavers. These pavers give you a great deal of design freedom due to the wide variety of colors, ranging from simple solid Basalt and Burnt Clay to wonderful yet subtle blends like Heritage Red and Heritage Clay. Due to our use of authentic brick pavers in the casting process, the surface features a realistic time-worn appearance that gives these pavers the authentic look of real clay brick. Moreover, the Enduracolor Plus finish ensures that the fit and finish of the color is long-lasting and resistant to wear – an essential feature for the taxing Mississauga winters. All this alongside the permeable nature of the paver makes an ideal option that blends style with functionality.


At the more modern end of the spectrum, the Eco-Priora line features straight edges and a smooth non-slip surface finish that make this design ideal for more contemporary driveways. Available in the option of square and rectangular shaped pavers, this also opens up the possibility for interesting laying patterns. The 7mm gap between pavers is filled with rock chips which not only ensure excellent drainage but works to contrast the smooth surface of the pavers themselves. This is the go-to permeable paver should you want to go with a modern feel for your driveway paired with the benefits of permeability.

The title image features a driveway and entrance paved with Eco-Priora in Opal Blend.



With the Thornbury line, you can easily mimic the rustic feel of natural flagstone. The textured surface of the pavers does an excellent job of mirroring the randomness that you find in natural stone while the imperfect lines add a sense of softness to the overall design. Color choices for this product complement its design, favoring tasteful shades like Almond Grove and Mahogany. An important consideration with this style of paver is the correct use of jointing compounds which can be used to either emphasize the porous gaps between pavers or smooth them out.

Tribeca Cobble

Tribeca Cobble allows you the abiding class of cobblestones so popular in European cities with all the environmental advantages of a permeable paver. Close attention to detail ensures that these pavers simulate the speckled texture and appearance of natural granite. Tribeca Cobble provides the options of a dark Basalt shade or the lighter Peppered Granite hue to suit your landscape. Integrating our EnduraColor Technology ensures that your driveway will retain this beautiful surface texture for many years to come.

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Ask your Driveway Contractor about these Permeable Paver Options in Mississauga ON

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