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Advantages of Copthorne vs. Richcliff Driveway Pavers for Your Trenton, NJ, Home

Advantages of Copthorne vs. Richcliff Driveway Pavers for Your Trenton, NJ, Home

When it’s time for a driveway upgrade, there are two paver choices from Unilock you may be compelled to compare: Copthorne and Richcliff. Both driveway pavers will give your home amazing curb appeal, both are durable, and both will make you smile when you pull into the driveway on a daily basis. So which one should you choose? Here are the advantages of Copthorne vs. Richcliff driveway pavers for your Trenton, NJ, home.


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Copthorne pavers draw their inspiration from historic European street pavers. These traditional brick-size pavers offer plenty of design flexibility and ease of installation due to their small size, but they are sturdy enough to withstand the heavy traffic demands of a driveway.

Copthorne pavers are incredibly tough. Ultima Concrete Technology delivers up to four times the strength of conventional poured concrete, which means that the pavers won’t crack over time (unlike poured concrete driveways, which are known to crack).

Copthorne pavers are perfect for curved driveways since the smaller proportions minimize onsite cutting. They also give you lots of pattern options to create a one-of-a-kind driveway.

The rich colors—which include traditional tones such as Burgundy Red, Burnt Clay, Old Oak, as well as stunning Basalt and Steel Blue—can be combined to create a completely custom look, or for contrasting borders or accents. The colors last, thanks to EnduraColor Facemix Technology, which concentrates color and finer wear-resistant aggregates on the upper layer.


Copthorne pavers are slip-resistant, and maintenance is simple. They don’t require sealing (it’s optional) and are easily cleaned with just a broom. Spills can be cleaned with mild dish soap and a scrub brush. Occasional power cleaning and refilling of jointing compound is all that’s needed to keep a Copthorne driveway looking great for decades!

Finally, Reala Technology (taking castings from many different natural stones) ensures an authentic timeworn and random surface appearance.



Richcliff driveway pavers offer a completely different look for your driveway. They are inspired by the natural textures of flagstone yet, unlike flagstone, are durable enough even for commercial vehicle traffic. They are also slip-resistant for safety.

Made using Reala Technology, Richcliff pavers feature random textures for a natural flagstone appearance. Like Copthorne, Richcliff pavers won’t crack, split or fade thanks to Ultima Concrete Technology, and colors won’t fade thanks to EnduraColor Facemix Technology.


Richcliff pavers come in four earthy colors including Smoke Shale, Pebble Taupe, and Dawn Mist. Like Copthorne pavers, colors can be mixed and matched for a custom look.

Richcliff pavers are low maintenance and do not require sealing. Like Copthorne, sweeping, as-needed soap scrubbing, and occasional power washing/jointing compound refilling will keep a Richcliff driveway looking truly rich.

The real fun with Richcliff is the multitude of laying patterns that let your artistic side shine. The product is sold in a three-size random bundle, and a new extra large rectangle is now available. The use of larger-format pavers is especially helpful in creating an uncluttered look for large driveways beside large homes.


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Which Driveway Pavers Are Best?

Which paver is better? Ultimately, it’s up to personal preference.

The good news is, you don’t have to choose. You can use both in one project! In fact, this is a popular choice for many homeowners: for example, a main field of Richcliff pavers in Smoke Shale with Steel Blue Copthorne borders is a winning combination that’s sure to please!

Both Copthorne and Richcliff pavers are multi-use pavers suitable for both vehicular and pedestrian use. If you love the look, you can carry it all the way around your home on walkways, patios, pool decks, and entryways.


The title image features Richcliff field pavers with Copthorne and Courtstone accents.


Advantages of Copthorne vs. Richcliff Driveway Pavers for Your Trenton, NJ, Home


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