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Advantages Of Incorporating a Fire Pit Into Your Mississauga Backyard

Fire pits are a great way to level up your landscape and turn it into an space fit for entertaining. If you live in Mississauga, ON, a fire pit is an excellent feature as it is, allowing you to enjoy a warm place outside during the colder months and roast marshmallows with the kids during the summer. In addition, fire pits can add value to your backyard decor and can be used as a focal point for your patio – a place that will naturally draw people’s attention – or as a complementary feature if you have a pool or outdoor kitchen.

From scratch or a pre-packaged kit?

Unilock offers the convenient choice of prepackaged fire pit kits that are easy to assemble. You might also choose to have one built from scratch if you’re interested in a custom design. Both options have their own advantages and are sure to bring elegance and functionality to your landscape.
If you are in the stage of planning your patio design, go wild and have a fire pit built from scratch – it will be easier to have it in your desired shape and size. Opt for Belmuro Wall with Ledgestone coping for a sophisticated look. For a more rustic and natural feel, try Brussels Dimensional Stone with Brussels Fullnose coping to create the weathered look of antique natural stones.
If you already have a patio set up and are adding a fire pit to an existing structure– or if you just want to save yourself time and effort – go for a fire pit kit for easy installation and minimal inconvenience. There is a common misconception that “kits” always look mass produced and without character; with Unilock fire pit kits, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Wood or gas?

Fire pits offer the option of natural gas or wood as a fuel. Which one suits your purposes?
Woodfires have the natural advantage of creating the aromatic scent and crackling sounds associated with childhood memories of camping. As long as it is built in a safe place, you can have it anywhere in your patio without much hassle. However, it does require a supply of firewood which means finding a place for firewood storage.
Modern and clean, gas fueled fire pits are an option especially suitable if you don’t have much spare space to store wood. Gas fires burn steadily, regardless of air humidity, and are arguably safer than woodfires. You will have to feed a gasline to it, though, and that means the options for location may be limited. Moving the structure at a later point may also be more difficult.
Fire resistant vertical stones and fire pit kits available from Unilock that are ready to assemble make the installation and enjoyment of a fire pit easier than ever. To further enhance your fire pit area, consider installing subtle outdoor lighting around the pit and add a permanent seating wall with cushions for comfort – you won’t regret investing in this family-gathering space.

The title image features a fire pit built from Lineo Dimensional Stone topped with Ledgestone coping, surrounded by an Artline paved patio.

Advantages Of Incorporating a Fire Pit Into Your Mississauga ON Backyard

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