Add Water Features to your Landscape Design with Unilock Pavers and Wall Units in Petoskey, MI | Unilock

Add Water Features to your Landscape Design with Unilock Pavers and Wall Units in Petoskey, MI

Add Water Features to your Landscape Design with Unilock Pavers and Wall Units in Petoskey, MI


Water features are alluring backyard accents that can add peace and tranquility to the ambience of your Petoskey, MI home. Adding a water feature to your existing backyard takes careful planning and the expertise of a Unilock Authorized Contractor for best results. A Unilock Authorized Contractor will be able to help you add a stunning water feature to your landscape design in a way that takes form, function, style and design into consideration. Here are some ideas for achieving the best outcomes and maximizing the use of your hardscapes and softscapes:


Lineo Dimensional Stone Wall Water Features

Elevate your patio with a low wall water feature that makes a statement with its modern simplicity and minimalist details. Lineo Dimensional Stone offers a versatile color palette that allows you creative freedom to extend the patio space with a water feature such as a small fountain or a waterfall. The Midnight Charcoal color option serves as the ideal accent color for adding sophisticated simplicity to this sort of feature, while Sandstone and Mahogany Ash are inviting options with their light, earthy shades. With a Lineo Dimensional Stone water feature, you can add a dynamic energy to your outdoor living area. With a similar modern design, Artline pavers present long, clean lines, and are the perfect pavers to match a Lineo Dimensional Stone water feature.

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Umbriano and Water Jets

Regardless of whether you are looking for a little change or want to drastically improve the look of your patio, Umbriano pavers can be used to add playful accents, elegance or a modern sophistication to a patio. The brilliant granite appearance of Umbriano pavers has quickly turned the paver into a modern patio favorite. Recreating the stunning mottled surface of granite, Umbriano can be used to add soft dispersions of color to a patio or pool area. To complement the sleek, continuous surface of Umbriano, consider adding pool-integrated water jets to your Umbriano pool deck for a fun and energetic poolside atmosphere.


Richcliff and Waterfall Features

Richcliff is another extraordinary paver that is great for pool patios and poolside surrounds. Refresh your backyard with the elegant look of flagstone and add a touch of class to your landscape project with Richcliff. Richcliff will not only improve the look of your backyard, but also its longevity. Pair a Richcliff pool patio with a boulder water feature and enjoy a refreshing natural ambience.


Brussels Dimensional System Water Features

Take the design of your water feature a step further with the weathered appearance of the Brussels Dimensional System. This wall unit presents a versatile color palette that will exceed your expectations. Remember to make sure you utilize the high-end design of Unilock pavers to their full potential by having them installed by a Unilock Contractor. Accent the water feature with the brick shades of Town Hall and finish the look with a stylish coping option. Ledgestone coping will add the look of natural stone to your backyard, contributing a relaxed touch with the neutral colors of Buff and Grey.

The title image features a Brussels Dimensional System water feature with Town Hall accents and Ledgestone coping.



Add Water Features to your Landscape Design with Unilock Pavers and Wall Units in Petoskey, MI


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