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Add Visual Interest to Your Ottawa, ON, Landscape Design with a Variety of Paving Materials

Add Visual Interest to Your Ottawa, ON, Landscape Design with a Variety of Paving Materials


It’s incredibly easy to spice up your landscape design for your Ottowa, ON, home with the help of a Unilock Authorized Contractor and Unilock materials. Whether you want your home’s front yard or backyard to get a facelift, we can help you choose the best way to give your home a picturesque feel.


Fun Walkways

A creative walkway is a simple way to give your home great style that adds curb appeal and value. One example of an interesting walkway is a curvy design that leads from your driveway to your front door. Adding curves is a change from a traditional linear walkway, as it’s purely aesthetic and adds a whimsical feel to any home. To accent a curved walkway, you can add an area for plantings on one or both sides that contains small trees, shrubs, and flowers. Another great way to make a walkway more fun is to mix up colors and textures. If you’ve found more than one material that you really love, combine these by having a Unilock Authorized Contractor add a border to your walkway or include a pattern with a color blend. Town Hall, for example, is a great material that recreates the appearance of traditional street brick pavers and can be laid in different patterns and color combinations, such as a herringbone laying pattern in a Heritage 2 Colour Blend.

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The Perfect Patio

Adding a patio to either the front or back of your home is a simple way to add interest to your home that serves both as a design accent and usable living space. Even a smaller sized patio can create a finished look for your home, especially when furnished with lounge furniture and some potted plants. Thornbury is a perfect choice for a small patio with its natural texture that resembles natural flagstone. Have the perimeter of your patio lined with a few small evergreen trees for some added privacy. For a modern, streamlined look, Beacon Hill Smooth has a softer surface with clean lines to accent a more contemporary home. It’s also available in different sizes and laying patterns for even more visual interest up close.


An Interesting Driveway

Using high-quality materials for your driveway is a great way to improve the curb appeal of your home. The difference between a regular asphalt driveway and one that’s made from high-quality pavers is like night and day. Adding a unique and durable driveway is a surefire way to maximize your home’s aesthetic appeal. Keeping in mind the materials and colors used in your home’s exterior, consider a paving material that will complement the look of your property. Tribeca Cobble is a beautiful, traditional material that is rustic enough for a home with character, yet modern enough for a newer, contemporary home. Of course, you can also integrate other materials, like Copthorne, as contrasting accents anywhere in the design.

Choosing high-quality paving materials for your outdoor spaces is a fantastic way to add visual interest and ensure your home is at its maximum appeal. Whether you want to add a patio, walkways, or an eye catching driveway, using Unilock pavers will allow you to make better use of your outdoor space, as well as make the neighbors jealous!

The title image features a Tribeca Cobble driveway in Crystaline Basalt with Peppered Granite accents and a Copthorne apron.


Add Visual Interest to Your Ottawa, ON, Landscape Design with a Variety of Paving Materials

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