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Add Stunning Water Features to Your Landscape with These Unilock Products in Westchester County, NY

Incorporating a stunning water feature into your landscape design is simple with Unilock products. Pavers paired with vertical units and coping along with water feature know-how and materials are all that’s required to add a high-quality sensory experience to your landscape. Whether you choose a poolside waterfall or a large waterfall and pond feature, you can add a relaxing and impressive ambience to your Westchester County, NY, backyard. For best results, consult with a knowledgeable and experienced professional in the form of a Unilock Authorized Contractor.

Patio Pavers

If the placement of your water features is within the parameters of your patio or pool deck, begin your planning by choosing the patio paver that will best complement your home, tastes, and style of the feature. Unilock offers an enormous assortment of options, all of which of the highest quality and greatest long-term durability. The choices available include all sorts of styles, including but not limited to those inspired by flagstone, cobblestone, brick, and many other traditional hardscape materials. Whether you prefer the contemporary lines of Artline, the elegant glamour of Richcliff, or the homage to classic brick with Town Hall, allow Unilock and your contractor to create a versatile, complementary, and long-lasting patio area to house your water feature arrangement.

Vertical Units

The next piece of your water feature design, particularly if the feature is wall-mounted, is a set of complementary vertical units. Whether you choose to stay within one series or pair a couple to create a unique aesthetic, Unilock has the right options for you. Lineo Dimensional Stone, for example, provides a linear option with a zero-bevel edge while Brussels Dimensional System provides a weathered texture. Add an accent band or other embellishment to take your design a step further. Regardless of the aesthetics, you won’t have to worry about the quality or the workmanship when you employ a Unilock Authorized Contractor and rely on Unilock for your supply of materials.

The title image features a water feature built from Brussels Dimensional System with Il Campo and Series accents.



Coping provides the perfect finish to a wall-integrated water feature. Whether the feature is a fountain placed upon a dais or a waterfall that cascades down a low wall or a retaining wall, an attractive coping selection is essential. Unilock offers multiple matching coping choices as well as the universal, widely compatible option: Ledgestone. This material will protect the integrity of the vertical system while providing a resting place for decorative plantings or an area for sitting.

Water Feature Necessities

Once the structure is complete, pumping the water and bringing the feature to life will require a pump, hose, and filler material. Ensure that you use the services of a landscape professional to design and install the feature. You can further customize the size of the feature, the height of the fall, the color and type of filler material, and various other options. With the guidance of the professional designing your feature, you can rest assured that the completed water feature will create a soothing backyard ambience and enchant with its elegance.

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Add Stunning Water Features to Your Landscape with These Unilock Products in Westchester County, NY

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