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Add Interest to your Driveway with these Landscaping Ideas for the Seacoast Area, MA

Add Interest to your Driveway with these Landscaping Ideas for the Seacoast Area, MA


When you approach your home, you want to feel like it’s somewhere you truly want to be. A driveway that doesn’t reflect your design aesthetic, is unkempt, or just plain bland is hardly welcoming. And the same goes for visitors to your Seacoast Area, MA, home. If you’re not impressed by your driveway, why should anyone else be? Add interest to your driveway with these landscaping ideas:


Aprons to Enhance Curb Appeal

The point at which your driveway connects to the road can be greatly enhanced with the use of a driveway apron. A driveway apron is one of the simplest ways to transform an existing driveway. To create a driveway apron, a Unilock Authorized Contractor will essentially remove the front part of your driveway in order to replace that section with concrete pavers that complement your driveway design. Tribeca Cobble in Crystaline Basalt is a popular choice for this design, as it goes well with red brick-style pavers, such as Copthorne in Burgundy Red, cream or grey pavers, as well as darker driveway surfaces.

Also well-liked for this particular hardscape feature are Courtstone pavers. The dark Basalt color option goes well with a wide variety of lighter tones, while Pebble Taupe and Dawn Mist’s lighter tones are a dream when contrasted with darker driveway pavers. Your Unilock Authorized Contractor will be able to help you decide on the best placement for your driveway apron, which can depend on your driveway’s length and style. Longer driveways might have longer extensions, but most driveways aprons extend back 5 – 15 feet from the street.


Add Texture to Traditional Landscapes

Your driveway design should be in keeping with the rest of the property’s style theme, ensuring this can greatly enhance the overall aesthetic value of your property. Add texture and visual interest to a traditional driveway by choosing from timeless classics such as Brussels Block, or Antara. The relaxed and weathered looks they bring to driveways make them stand-out options for traditional properties.

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Add Sophistication with Artline Pavers

Whether you’re going for a trendy, modern look, or want to complement the strong lines of your home’s architecture, try an elongated plank-like paver such as Artline. These contemporary pavers feature long, clean lines that make them perfect for creating unique designs. Artline pavers are available in a range of colors, including Copper Ridge, French Grey, Winter Marvel, Steel Mountain, and Tuscany. These pavers are resistant to stains and fading, and can be combined with attractive border pavers for enhanced contrast.


Add Interest to a Long Driveway

A long driveway provides more lead-up to your property, and gives you more to work with when it comes to adding style to your landscape. Well-kept hedges, pruned trees, flowering plants, and other plant-based options can be used to frame your driveway. Alternatively, consider adding rich visual interest by flanking your driveway with Rivercrest Wall. With scenery so impressive to begin with, visitors won’t be able to wait to see what other aesthetically pleasing treats are in store. Your pavers will have a part to play here too, so don’t just choose any old thing. Unilock products are a go-to for the kind of visual interest that makes long driveways a pleasure to use. Consider Town Hall pavers to make your driveway a stand-out feature.



Add Interest to your Driveway with these Landscaping Ideas for the Seacoast Area, MA

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