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Add Functionality to Your Cambridge, Ontario Outdoor Space with a Fire Pit or Fire Table

Add Functionality to Your Cambridge, Ontario Outdoor Space with a Fire Pit or Fire Table


If you want to add a personalized touch to your Cambridge, Ontario, outdoor space, a fire pit or fire table is an ideal feature for you. Either of these elements will create a casual ambience and add many practical advantages to your outdoor design. Unilock offers a variety of products to choose from to craft a custom fire pit or fire table for your outdoor space. Here are some ideas:


Focal Point

Focal points have multiple purposes, but primarily, a focal point is about focusing the attention within a space. While a focal point can be as simple as a tree or colorful plant bed, a stunning fire pit or fire table can steal the spotlight. Lineo Dimensional Stone offers contemporary aesthetics and four different colors that can be combined to create a stunning fire table. The advantage of a fire table is that it can be used as a surface on which to place snacks or warm beverages. Lineo Dimensional Stone is defined by its sleek lines and linear, multi-length plank look and can be used for crafting both fire tables and lower standing fire pit tables.

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Old-World Aesthetics

For a fire feature that you know will never go out of style, select products that offer the appearance of natural stone for a timeless appeal. Brussels Dimensional Stone not only serves as a great alternative to expensive natural stone products, but creates highly durable and adaptable features. Choose from the wide range of color options offered by this wall unit to complement a warm outdoor ambience or go with cooler tones that will add drama. Complete the weathered texture of Brussels Dimensional Stone with a beautiful coping option, such as Ledgestone coping. This universal coping system by Unilock offers rugged elegance that will complement Brussels Dimensional Stone with its natural appearance.


Evening Entertainment Space

A fire pit or fire table will have your family gathering on the patio instead of spending time in front of the TV or on other devices. Even on summer nights, the temperature in Cambridge can drop, but a fire pit or fire table will keep your guests and family warm and cozy. A fire pit or fire table is an excellent complement to an outdoor dining space or lounge. Relax while soaking in the beautiful ambiance created by the warm fire while dining al-fresco, in the comfort of your backyard. Your fire table can even become the centrepiece of your outdoor dining room. Consider a gas-fuelled fire table for maximum convenience and adjust the gas flow to low to enjoy a meal seated in the glow of the fire table. Unilock Rivercrest Wall can be used to create a stunningly textured feature that will complement your rustic, traditional, or even modern dining space. This wall unit recreates the look of natural flagstone and is available two gentle color options – Coastal Slate and Buff. Add extra charm to your design by pairing your Rivercrest Wall fire pit or fire table with Unilock Sandstone Natural Edge coping.

The title image features a Lineo Dimensional Stone fire table.


Add Functionality to Your Cambridge, Ontario Outdoor Space with a Fire Pit or Fire Table


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