Add Depth and Layers to Your Seaford, DE, Backyard with Concrete Pavers and Wall Units | Unilock

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Add Depth and Layers to Your Seaford, DE, Backyard with Concrete Pavers and Wall Units

Add Depth and Layers to Your Seaford, DE, Backyard with Concrete Pavers and Wall Units


A multi-level outdoor space that showcases depth and layers will add beauty and visual interest to your Seaford, DE backyard. An advantage of a multi-level backyard is that it serves as an extension of the home, providing comfort, privacy, and aesthetics. Concrete pavers are excellent materials for creating different outdoor rooms that come together as a unified hardscape that impresses with its finishing touches.

Connect Different Levels

A multi-level patio is the perfect opportunity to get creative and designate each outdoor section in a way that defines three main areas: living, dining, and cooking areas. Each outdoor room has a different purpose and can be separated by retaining walls and steps. Therefore, verticals are an important step in creating a multi-level landscape. Verticals, such as seating walls, outdoor kitchen grill islands, fire features, elevated water features, pergolas and decorative structures can serve as a natural border from one area to another.

Add a fire feature that showcases a natural aesthetic using Rivercrest Wall, and perhaps add a seating area, or create a private nook around it that extends the aesthetic. With Rivercrest Wall, you can incorporate the look of stacked flagstone into your design with pillars, seat walls, and steps in the neutral shades of Buff and Coastal Slate. For a modern look, the crisp lines and sleek surface presented by Lineo Dimensional Stone is ideal.


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Set the Base

Verticals are perfect for layering and creating a sense structure in the landscape, but it all starts with the pavers you choose for your patio. The foundation of the outdoor space will help to add the necessary depth and visual interest on which to add beautiful structures. Use the rich, vibrant colors of Copthorne, for example, and set the tone for your backyard. Copthorne is made using a special manufacturing process, where each piece is uniquely molded from historic street brick to create spontaneity and randomness. In addition, Ultima Concrete Technology makes Copthorne a virtually indestructible paver that won’t split, crack or fade. Copthorne’s color options create depth with their variety. The Burgundy Red, Old Oak and Burnt Clay can be combined to form a 3 Colour Blend, that maximizes visual interest.

Accent Pavers for Depth

Concrete pavers from Unilock come in a wide variety of color options that make the process of applying a diverse color palette to your yard design easier. Sprinkle some accents throughout your hardscape to make the backyard more fun and chic. Accent pavers are a perfect way to add a pop of color to the landscape.

Patio borders are a great way to not only separate areas according to their intended purpose, but also highlight and accentuate other colors in your color scheme. Series pavers in the rich, dark Black Granite shade or Mocha Brown color options are perfect patio border options. A sleek border with Series will add a sense of depth, especially if matched with a contrasting color such as Umbriano in Summer Wheat or French Grey. The right color combination can make or break the entire outdoor area, so talk to a Unilock Authorized Contractor for help guiding your decision and finding colors that best complement one another.


The title image features an Umbriano patio with Rivercrest Wall verticals and Copthorne accents.


Add Depth and Layers to Your Seaford, DE, Backyard with Concrete Pavers and Wall Units


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