Achieve a Traditional Look with Unilock Copthorne Patio Pavers in Smithtown, NY | Unilock

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Achieve a Traditional Look with Unilock Copthorne Patio Pavers in Smithtown, NY

Achieve a Traditional Look with Unilock Copthorne Patio Pavers in Smithtown, NY

If you’re interested in a traditional look for your Smithtown, NY, home, one of the best ways to achieve it is to accent your home’s beauty with pavers that offer a classic style. Copthorne, specifically, is a beautiful brick-like paver from the Unilock Elegance collection that is versatile in its use and appearance. Here are some great ways to get the look you want with Copthorne pavers:


Your home’s front walkway can make a huge difference to the overall appearance of your home from the street. Brick-style paver walkways add curb appeal with their neat and detailed look. Using Copthorne as a paver for your walkways can add an air of nostalgia and character to your front yard. Use a running bond pattern for your walkways to visually elongate them and lead the eye to your front door. Copthorne in Old Oak has a classic brick appearance, and is the perfect choice for creating traditional look for your home. Consider adding borders to your Copthorne walkway with Brussels Block for the perfect contrast between two traditional textures.


Constructing your patio using Copthorne will ensure a classic look that’s perfect for any patio design. A herringbone laying pattern is great for creating visual interest in wide-open spaces and can help to make large areas feel cozier. You can also add depth and match a variety of hues to landscaping features using the 3 Colour Blend. Copthorne pavers match most styles of patio furniture, and look great next to grassy areas and plantings. Add a pergola over your patio area with some climbing flowers to further accentuate the classic feel of your design.


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Copthorne Accents

Copthorne also makes an excellent accent paver. It provides a beautiful, detailed look to any project, and can be used to create high-contrast accents and borders to complement your primary paver. Combined with Brussels Block in the Sandstone color option, for example, it creates a deep contrast while maintaining a warm, authentic feel. For a more modern appearance, consider complementing an Umbriano paver patio with a Copthorne border in Basalt.
Using the same materials throughout your landscape will help to give your home a polished, neat look. For example, you can add a beautiful fireplace area for lounging, enjoying good conversation, and staying warm on chilly evenings. The Tuscany Fireplace, for example, is pre-built using the Brussels Dimensional System and Copthorne accents to complete your design.


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Play With Color

Mixing up your color palette can help to reflect the style you want to add to your home. Copthorne comes in a variety of colors, such as Basalt, a deep grey, and Steel Blue, a lighter grey with bluish undertones. Deeply-colored pavers are perfect for white or lightly-colored homes where you may want to add contrast. They also combine well with natural stone, such as Unilock Limestone. This will give you a great balance of a traditional, old-world aesthetic with a simple layout that works with any design. Accent dark pavers with plenty of ground lighting to show off your hardscapes, even at night.

Copthorne is a versatile paver and an asset to any project where its used. Use it as the star of the show, or simply as an accent. Use it throughout your whole property to create a unified look that will last a lifetime. Check out the latest Unilock design catalog( for more ways to use Copthorne to enhance your look!

The title image features a Copthorne front entrance and walkway with Brussels Block accents.

Achieve a Traditional Look with Unilock Copthorne Patio Pavers in Smithtown, NY

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