A Guide to Using Natural Stone: When is Sandstone Best for Albany, NY, Projects? | Unilock

A Guide to Using Natural Stone: When is Sandstone Best for Albany, NY, Projects?

A Guide to Using Natural Stone: When is Sandstone Best for Albany, NY, Projects?

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One of the main reasons homeowners choose natural stone is for its unique character. No two stones are ever alike. Like any material, natural stone is great for certain applications but not for all. To help you make the best choice, here’s a guide to using natural stone and deciding whether sandstone is best for your Albany, NY, project.


Sandstone is a type of natural stone much loved for its warmth and the individual characteristics of each stone. Even when sourced from the same quarry, you can expect sandstone to feature color and pattern variations. Together, these characteristics make for a stunning hardscape. Natural stone can be the perfect choice for creating a pleasing transition from the home to the surroundings. Here’s where sandstone tends to shine:


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Pool Decks and Hot Tub Surrounds

While some natural stone can become dangerously slippery when wet, premium quality Sandstone from Unilock does not. Its subtle texture is barefoot-friendly and won’t snag delicate swimsuit fabrics, yet it remains non-slip even when wet. This makes sandstone an excellent choice for pool or hot tub decks, especially if you want a relaxed and naturalistic look.


Since Sandstone from Unilock comes in three light colors (Autumn Harvest, Stone Cliff Grey, and Indian Coast), you can be sure that your pool deck will never become too hot for barefoot comfort. Sandstone fullnose coping is also available for a perfect color match and to create a beach-like look at your pool and hot tub area.



Bring a stunning combination of natural warmth and modern style to your patio using large-format sandstone slabs. Since sandstone is available in a wide variety of large-format rectangles (up to 24” x 36”) and squares (up to 24” square), you can be sure that the individual characteristics of each stone will be emphasized, and you can use a number of on-trend laying patterns for a fresh modern look. Large slabs also minimize joint lines for a cleaner, less cluttered look. The characteristics and colors of sandstone work beautifully next to any style of home. The cool, sophisticated Stone Cliff Grey pairs well with traditional, elegant homes; the warmth of Autumn Harvest brings a relaxed vibe to a contemporary home; and the dramatic veining of Indian Coast complements both rustic and modern homes.



A walkway can become a work of art if you use sandstone: Use the 24” x 36” slabs to create a smooth, minimalist walkway that will boost curb appeal. You can also use individual sandstone slabs to construct more relaxed backyard walkways, where individual stones are separated by grass, gravel, moss, or ground covers.


Walls and Steps

While sandstone isn’t intended as a wall veneer, it is offered as ledge coping, which will tie your seat wall or retaining wall in with any horizontal sandstone surface. Unilock Sandstone is offered in two sizes perfect for front yard and backyard steps: 16” x 48” for an intimate garden steps, or 16” x 72” for grand, elegant entrances. Sandstone coping and steps work beautifully with Unilock Rivercrest Wall (a stacked-flagstone look) in Buff or Coastal Slate.


Premium Sandstone from Unilock is a great investment in beauty and practicality. It is backed by the Unilock lifetime guarantee. When your new outdoor space is installed by a Unilock Authorized Contractor, you can be sure that your project was built to the highest standards and will stand the test of time. For design ideas on how to use Sandstone in your outdoor living spaces, talk to your local Unilock Authorized Contractor.


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