A Driveway Contractor and Landscaper's Favorite Pavers in Omaha, Lincoln | Unilock

A Driveway Contractor and Landscaper's Favorite Pavers in Omaha, Lincoln

Unilock pavers are a favorite of driveway contractors in Omaha and Lincoln, NE, because of the strength of each individual paver, the surface strength of the pavers’ tight interlock, the ease with which Unilock pavers can be installed, and the flexibility of design provided by a wide range of styles, color options and sizes – not to mention the high customer satisfaction that comes with a Unilock paved driveway. Here we’ll take a look at just some of the driveway pavers that charm homeowners and contractors alike.

Brussels Block

A Unilock classic, Brussels Block is the first choice for a driveway that exhibits the character of timeworn quarried cobblestone. With its tumbled edges and rough-hewn texture, Brussels Block is as aesthetically pleasing as it is durable and strong. This paver’s wide color range includes Sandstone, Limestone, Coffee Creek, Prairie and Sierra, making it applicable to both warm and cool front yard color schemes. The multiple sizes of this paver make possible a range of interesting laying patterns and randomized arrangements to enhance the visual interest of your driveway.

Brussels Premier

Brussels Premier possesses the same flexible range of sizes as that of Brussels Block, and the same tumbled, character rich surface texture. Where Brussels Premier differs is in its use of EnduraColor Facemix Technology which infuses high performance aggregates into the surface of the paver to ensure added durability of its colored surface layer. Brussels Premier is also available in three unique and varied color options that replicate the natural colors of flagstone. These colors include Alpine Grey, Bavarian Blend and Sycamore.

The title image features a driveway paved with Brussels Premier in Bavarian Blend.


Holland Premier

Holland Premier is a brick style paver imbued with vibrant and intense coloring for a standout driveway surface. These also offer the long term vibrancy and durability of the surface layer imparted by EnduraColor Facemix Technology, ensuring continued outstanding color. Holland Premier’s color range extends from the richness of Brown to the subtle varied surface of River. For a traditional appearance, Holland Premier offers the Heritage Brown color option, and for quiet elegance, there’s the light grey of Granite.


For a driveway that is defined by its natural aesthetic, Thornbury is an excellent choice. This paver replicates the modest surface texture of natural flagstone and the color options of the subtle Alpine Grey, rich Bavarian Blend and deep warmth of Sycamore. Despite its natural stone appearance, Thornbury is tough enough to withstand the pressures of both residential and commercial vehicle use.


When it comes to achieving the strong, authentic look of granite, Umbriano is a universal favorite. A random dispersion of granite particles lends itself to recreating the speckled surface that characterizes granite pavers and giving Umbriano its realistic appearance. Umbriano’s color range has also been specially blended to capture the variety of colors found in this valuable natural stone. Autumn Sunset, Midnight Sky, Summer Wheat and Winter Marvel reflect the coloring of orange, black, white and light grey granite respectively. Umbriano is ideal for creating a driveway that is both idyllic and visually powerful.

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A Driveway Contractor and Landscaper’s Favorite Pavers in Omaha, Lincoln NE


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