8 Reasons Eco-Priora Pavers Are a Great Option for Your Commercial Driveway in Orange Lake, NY | Unilock

8 Reasons Eco-Priora Pavers Are a Great Option for Your Commercial Driveway in Orange Lake, NY

8 Reasons Eco-Priora Pavers Are a Great Option for Your Commercial Driveway in Orange Lake, NY

Commercial driveways have to be durable enough to stand up to a lot of heavy traffic, yet they also need to be attractive enough to be in line with a company’s image. Here are eight reasons Eco-Priora pavers are a great option for your commercial driveway in Orange Lake, NY.

Eco-Priora from Unilock is a heavy-duty brick-style concrete paver that can meet the needs of high-traffic areas of commercial properties.


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Ease and Economy of Installation

Classic pavers can be labor-intensive, but Eco-Priora pavers can be mechanically installed at a fast pace rate of 6,000-7,000 square feet per machine, per day, with minimal labor. This allows for a fast transformation of any commercial outdoor space, even in adverse weather conditions.


Eco-friendly Permeability

Safety is a primary concern in commercial outdoor spaces, including driveways, walkways, plazas, sidewalks, and entryways. Because Eco-Priora pavers are permeable, rainwater and snowmelt seep through the larger joints into the substrate and ground below. This reduces runoff, ice build-up, and water pooling, and makes for a more eco-friendly paved surface that also reduces the heat island effect so prevalent in urban areas.



Eco-Priora pavers are manufactured for exceptional durability. Designed for continual heavy use, they conform to ASTM C 936 Standard Specifications for Solid Concrete Interlocking Paving Units including C140 for Absorption and Compressive Strength > 8,000 PSI; C67 for Freeze-thaw Durability; and C418 for Abrasion Durability. Unilock standards exceed 8,500 PSI.


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Long-lasting Color

Enduracolor Facemix Technology is a two-step manufacturing process that uses a base of coarser aggregates for a strong foundation as well as wear-resistant fine aggregates and concentrated color on the upper part of the pavers, for long-lasting color.


Suitable for Any Application

Eco-Priora pavers are durable enough for the heaviest commercial vehicular traffic, yet they are also beautiful and are equally at home in pedestrian applications surrounding a commercial property. Create a unified outdoor theme by using Eco-Priora pavers on driveways, parking areas, walkways, entryways, and pedestrian plazas to give your commercial property a sophisticated appeal.


Design Versatility

These versatile pavers are available in a range of custom sizes and colors. Most notably, four custom finishes are available, including a standard finish, premier finish, washed finish, and brushed finish. These options give landscape architects and property owners tremendous design flexibility that makes Eco-Priora pavers ideally suited for both modern and traditional commercial spaces.


Ease of Maintenance

Sealing is not required to keep Eco-Priora driveway pavers looking great year after year. Simple sweeping, spot-cleaning with a mild soap solution, occasional power-washing, and regular inspection of the pavers and jointing compounds will keep your commercial driveway looking fresh and tidy even decades after installation.


Increased Property Value and Curb Appeal

While cost is always a top consideration in a commercial property, so is property value. Eco-Priora pavers increase a property’s value by creating attractive and durable outdoor spaces. A paver driveway create instant curb appeal. When pavers are used in commercial residential applications (apartment building, condos, etc.) they increase the perceived value of the property, helping landlords attract higher quality tenants, and helping increase the sales price.

Eco-Priora pavers could be the perfect solution for the increasing curb appeal and value of your commercial property, while minimizing installation costs and long-term maintenance. Contact a Unilock Authorized Contractor for more information today!


The title image features Eco-Priora driveway pavers.


8 Reasons Eco-Priora Pavers Are a Great Option for Your Commercial Driveway in Orange Lake, NY


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