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8 Must-Have Features for Your Pool Deck in Rye Brook, NY

8 Must-Have Features for Your Pool Deck in Rye Brook, NY

A custom swimming pool should be more than a simple basin filled with water. To create a backyard retreat that is not only unique but thoroughly enjoyable for everyone, you will want to consider a few essentials. Here are eight must-have features for your pool deck in Rye Brook, NJ.


Fire Pit

Remember those childhood days when you got out of the pool and stood there shivering, wrapped in a towel, with goose bumps all over? These days, it’s much nicer to cozy up to the warmth of a fire after a swim, especially when the air temperature is cooler than the water. Fire pits can be wood-fired for an authentic campfire feel, but for convenience and safety—especially poolside—opt for natural gas or propane-fueled fire pits where you can adjust the flames with just a twist of a dial. A Unilock fire pit will add instant appeal to your pool deck and the materials you choose could perfectly complement your pool deck pavers.


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Pool Deck Pavers

Enjoy the view and the smooth texture under your bare feet with Unilock pool deck pavers that can withstand chlorine and salts while offering you a non-slip surface for safety. Choices include Bristol Valley and Beacon Hill Flagstone.


Sheer Descent Water Feature

A more modern take on a waterfall, a sheer descent is a broad, sheet-like cascade of water into the pool. Depending on the height, this dramatic focal point can provide the sound of falling water to make your backyard feel like a true oasis, or it can be virtually silent.


Custom Spa

A hot tub makes your pool deck usable all year and gives the kids a place to warm up. If the hot tub elevated above the pool deck (overlooking the pool) it creates a real sense of luxury. You can even incorporate a waterfall from the hot tub to the pool, for an extra wow factor.


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Patio umbrellas are fine for shading if you don’t mind making adjustments throughout the day. It’s rare to have a patio umbrella positioned so perfectly that you can lounge out of the blazing sun for more than a few minutes before the sun starts to creep in. A better alternative is to build a cabana, a permanent shade structure that also provides shelter from rain. A cabana can also house a fireplace and mini-bar for a luxury experience.


Beverage Center

If you don’t have an outdoor kitchen—or it’s not close to the pool deck—consider installing a built-in beverage center with a mini-fridge to prevent endless trips to the house.



While it’s nice to have a spacious pool deck for lounging, consider installing a more natural landscape on one side of the pool. This can add privacy, color, and visual interest. For example, large boulders and lush plantings make the pool area feel like it’s an exotic lagoon. For best results, choose succulents or plants that don’t make a mess around the pool. Plants in large containers look stunning surrounding pools, and create a luxurious atmosphere.


The Right Lighting

Good landscape lighting is a must. The pool and the pool deck needs to be illuminated for safety after dark, but this is also an opportunity to add drama and create the ambience you want. There are many choices of fixture types that let you highlight focal points, and colors that set the mood for nighttime poolside fun.


This title image features Beacon Hill Flagstone pavers in Bavarian.


8 Must-Have Features for Your Pool Deck in Rye Brook, NY

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