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7 Landscape Ideas for Bringing the Indoors Out in Petoskey, MI

7 Landscape Ideas for Bringing the Indoors Out in Petoskey, MI


Defining your landscape in a way that encourages use, enjoyment, and beauty requires a comprehensive plan for your property, your habits, and the market’s tendency for value-adding investments. A Unilock Authorized Contractor can help you in bringing the indoors, outdoors. Extend the functionality and appreciation of your property beyond the doors of your home with these useful ideas for your Petoskey, MI, backyard:


Define Spaces with Thoughtful “Floor” Planning

When extending indoor comfort and luxury into your yard, sometimes it helps to approach your landscape just as you would a home. Different spaces can exist for different functions, with the separation of these areas clear, both visually and in terms of design and layout. This can be done using bold accent pavers such as Unilock Series or Copthorne pavers for borders. In this way, you can incorporate patio spaces that guide movement and make the purpose of the area clear. From Artline, to Beacon Hill Flagstone, or Bristol Valley, the numerous high quality options make it easy to create an outdoor floor worthy of the indoors.


Create Rooms with Walls

With Unilock wall units such as Lineo Dimensional Stone, Rivercrest Wall, or Estate Wall, just to name a few, you can further separate spaces when needed. For example, should your landscape plan include a lush planting area directly adjacent to your outdoor dining space, include a wall for a sense of privacy and added sense of dimension.

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Include a Place to Cook and Dine

Adding cooking and dining space to your backyard are a great way to bring your love of life outdoors. Unilock Wall Units, such as the Brussels Dimensional System are ideal for the construction of outdoor kitchen grill islands and other verticals, while coping such as Ledgestone can be used to add comfortable permanent seating for your guests.


Design a Place for Breaking the Ice

Social gatherings and daily relaxation also require a calming space. No matter the type of furniture you ultimately choose, make sure that it’s comfortable, durable, and in keeping with the overall style of the landscape. Consider including an area for reading alone, as well as a cozy seating area for company to sit and converse. A Unilock Outdoor Fireplace is ideal for both types of spaces.


Continue the Home’s Aesthetic

Key to any landscape is to continue the tone of the home’s decorative theme. The architectural style, colors, and general ambiance should continue into your landscaping choices. Unilock pavers can be used to match and complement styles as diverse as Historic, Traditional, Modern and Contemporary.


Shade, Shade, Shade

Shade is key for any outdoor space. Without it, certain times of day may become a little too uncomfortable for enjoyment. By including appropriate shading through curtains, plantings, and coverings, you’ll be able to enjoy a comfortable outdoor spot at any time of the day. Unilock wall units, such as those mentioned above can also be used to add shade to your outdoor areas, whether it be in the form of a shade wall, or accessorizing a pergola with masonry pergola footings and pillars.


Light It Up

Layered lighting that works for function, safety and atmosphere is key to creating a landscape that can be enjoyed in the evening. This lighting may include wall-mounted lighting, down-lighting for task lighting in your outdoor kitchen, or discrete LED lighting run beneath the coping of your low walls. Coping options from Unilock, such as Brussels Fullnose and Fullnose Edger are ideal for this purpose.

The title image features a Bristol Valley patio with Basalt Copthorne accents and Brussels Dimensional System verticals.



7 Landscape Ideas for Bringing the Indoors Out in Petoskey, MI

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