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6 Unilock Paving Stones Long Island, NY, Landscaping Companies Use for Edging

6 Unilock Paving Stones Long Island, NY, Landscaping Companies Use for Edging


When it comes to creating a backyard that will turn heads, the devil is in the details. This means that your main patio pavers are of equal significance as the pavers you use for edging your softscape and hardscape and neatening your design. Professional landscapers understand this and opt for the following top-notch Unilock pavers for edging:


Brussels Block

Brussels Block pavers can imbue any landscape with a timeless look and feel. These tumbled pavers feature a weathered surface texture that adds character to any landscape and seems to hold centuries of history despite having just been installed. The range of colors in which these pavers are available include warm shades like Sierra and the cool blue hues in New York Blend. Because of their versatility, Brussels Block can be used as an edging paver for a wide range of hardscape designs and styles, as well as other pavers, such as Il Campo, for a double border.



Courtstone pavers are renowned for their unmatched resemblance to Old World cobblestones that have been used to pave streets and pavements for centuries. These iconic pavers imbue any landscape with a sense of historical charm. Despite their period-specific nature they are wonderfully versatile. They can be nestled along the border of any driveway, patio or poolscape regardless of the field pavers with which they are paired.

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Camelot pavers are unique in that they resemble cobblestones, but offer a modern, widely-compatible appearance. They are slightly larger, more rounded and refined and are available in unexpected shades, such as Rustic Red and Terra Cotta. These pavers are excellent candidates for understated edging that appears modern, yet strays from the sleek and precise conventions of contemporary design.



Copthorne pavers bear all the timeless beauty of real brick as well as the added benefits of concrete. They are available in a range of warm, earthy shades that pair perfectly with well-vegetated landscapes and can be used in the edging of plant beds. Imbued with Ultima Concrete Technology from Unilock, these pavers offer four times the strength of poured concrete. They can be installed in areas of frequent vehicular pressure or high foot traffic without fear for their longevity, and can be used to create eye-catching borders.


Tribeca Cobble

Easy-going Tribeca Cobble concrete pavers bear a stunning resemblance to real granite cobblestones and are available in two detailed color variations. Both options feature a delicate gradient that moves between different shades of grey. These intricate gradients can make a simple row of edging impossible to miss.



Umbriano pavers are renowned for their impeccably detailed surfaces and dimensional accuracy. These sleek pavers emulate the look and feel of real granite, featuring intricate and spontaneous color gradients on their surfaces. Their perfectly clean edges create long, continuous jointing lines that complement contemporary hardscape designs. Despite their frequent use as field pavers that take the foreground, these exquisite pavers can also pack a visual punch in smaller quantities when used for edging. Here, they serve as hidden gems that enhance the entire landscape.

The title image features a Brussels Block hardscape and edge with an Il Campo accent.


6 Unilock Paving Stones Long Island, NY, Landscaping Companies Use for Edging


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