6 Different Unilock EnduraColor Paver Options to Replace Bluestone in Hopewell Junction, NY | Unilock

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6 Different Unilock EnduraColor Paver Options to Replace Bluestone in Hopewell Junction, NY

6 Different Unilock EnduraColor Paver Options to Replace Bluestone in Hopewell Junction, NY

The look of bluestone makes a strong statement and brings a sense of luxurious sophistication to an outdoor space. However, natural bluestone has its challenges. Unilock offers manufactured alternatives that retain bluestone’s aesthetic appeal while giving homeowners peace of mind regarding durability and availability. Here are different Unilock EnduraColor paver options to replace bluestone in Hopewell Junction, NY.


Beacon Hill Flagstone

Bring the natural appearance of bluestone to your outdoor living space with Beacon Hill Flagstone pavers. Beacon Hill Flagstone features Unilock EnduraColor anti-fade technology and an authentic natural stone look. Beacon Hill Flagstone is available in a number of colors that can be used as excellent substitutes for bluestone, including New York Blend, Steel Mountain and Fossil.


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Bristol Valley

This paver’s Steel Mountain color option gives you the blended look of bluestone. Bristol Valley pavers come in three sizes which can be laid in random patterns for a relaxed aesthetic or more formally for a sophisticated appearance. Bristol Valley now also features EasyClean Stain Resistance to protect the paver from stains that can be caused ketchup, mustard, organic debris, pool chemicals, grease, oils and other liquids.



Richcliff pavers offer EnduraColor Facemix Technology for protection against fading, Reala Surface Technology, for an ultra-realistic bluestone texture, and Ultima Concrete Technology for strength and durability. Its Smoke Shale and Dawn Mist colors are perfect for recreating a natural bluestone look. Richcliff is also available in a large format size option (sold seperately) to create a visually impressive, expansive hardscape.


Treo Premier

Treo Premier offers three gorgeous color options that mimic bluestone: New York Blend, Charcoal and Steel Mountain. Treo Premier comes in a smaller-format paver, which is perfect for more intimate patios or walkways. This paver offers a beautiful natural stone surface texture and realistic color options to perfectly capture the aesthetic of bluestone, while providing added versatility.


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Holland Premier

If you love the shape of brick pavers but want the color of bluestone, Holland Premier is available in the colors of Sierra, Granite and Almond Grove, which are just the ticket for creating a sophisticated outdoor living space. This paver will give your landscape a hint of the traditional bluestone aesthetic, with the traditional appearance of brick-style pavers, and the range of classic laying patterns that go with them.



Westport pavers, too, are now protected by EasyClean Stain Resistance, and are available in a handsome selection of colors perfectly suited to creating a natural bluestone aesthetic.


Mix and match

Since Unilock pavers come in various colors, you can create a natural and random-looking patio with a ton of personality by mixing colors, sizes and styles. Choose colors that are not too drastically apart for the most cohesive look that still mimics the uniqueness of individual bluestones, or complement the aesthetic with deeply contrasting accents and verticals. For example, pair Beacon Hill Flagstone with the burgundy brick aesthetic of Copthorne pavers complement with Brussels Dimensional System vertical features. The manufacturing processes of Unilock ensure that all pavers are durable enough to withstand the harshest weather conditions and resist fading.

For more inspiration and to see bluestone alternatives in person, visit a Unilock Idea Center or connect with your local Unilock Authorized Contractor!


The title image features a Beacon Hill Flagstone patio with Copthorne accents and Brussels Dimensional System verticals.


6 Different Unilock EnduraColor Paver Options to Replace Bluestone in Hopewell Junction, NY

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