6 Best Concrete Pavers for Creating Unique Pool Decks in Yorktown Heights, NY | Unilock

6 Best Concrete Pavers for Creating Unique Pool Decks in Yorktown Heights, NY

6 Best Concrete Pavers for Creating Unique Pool Decks in Yorktown Heights, NY


A pool is the centerpiece summer gatherings. Make sure your Yorktown Heights, NY, pool deck stands out this season with the wide selection of vibrant pavers from Unilock. Together with the eye for design and expert craftsmanship of a Unilock Authorized Contractor you can create the perfect pool deck.



Umbriano is a favorite paver for creating a sleek look. With its mixture of paver sizes, Umbriano is perfect for large spaces, such as your pool deck. The different sizes of pavers can be installed in a multitude of different laying patterns to create personality. These pavers come in 6 different color options which makes matching to your backyard design simple. Using Unilock ColorFusion Technology, each paver has a unique color and gradient, producing a natural look. Umbriano pavers also feature a stain resistant finish to combat sodium and chlorine staining which can result from repeated exposure to pool water and chemicals.


Beacon Hill Flagstone

Beacon Hill Flagstone is another choice of paver that is full of design personality and also keeps safety in mind. This paver features soft, natural color options and are available in both smaller and larger sizes. Beacon Hill Flagstone has a textured flagstone finish which aids in keeping feet firmly planted on the pool deck even when wet.



Richcliff is an elegant way to introduce the appearance of natural stone to any traditional pool deck design. This concrete paver is produced using hundreds of molds of actual natural stone, which makes each bundle of pavers completely unique. These concrete pavers mimic the texture and color of natural stone to ensure a pool deck surface that is rich with variation. The embossed texture also make these pavers slip-resistant. Richcliff comes in 4 different color options, giving you complete freedom when it comes to personalizing your pool area.

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Series pavers are the cornerstone of a sleek and modern pool deck design. This paver comes in Black Granite, Peppered Granite and Mocha Brown color options for bold borders and accents, sharp contrasts and eye-catching inlays. Use the Black Granite Series pavers as a border around white Peppered Granite pavers, for example, to give your pool deck striking pops of personality. These pavers showcase a washed granite texture, so its pleasing to the feet but also extremely slip resistant.



If you are looking to add personality to your pool deck using unique colors, then Thornbury is an excellent choice. Thornbury is another line of Unilock pavers that feature a natural stone surface texture. Specifically, Thornbury uses the textural detail of flagstone to ensure a paver that is slip resistant but isn’t harsh on bare feet. This particular paver line features the EnduraColor Facemix Technology. This means that each paver contains two layers of hardwearing aggregate so that your pool pavers remain vibrant well into the future. Thornbury comes in a large selection of bold and elegant earthy colors.


Brussels Block

Lastly, Brussels Block is a line of pavers that gives you ultimate design flexibility. Brussels Block has a weathered finish which pairs well with rustic landscape designs. This paver is available in three different sizes. These sizes can be combined to create a patterned design, or used individually to create borders. The various color options also provide an extensive range of options for matching to your home and landscape.

The title image features an Umbriano pool deck.


6 Best Concrete Pavers for Creating Unique Pool Decks in Yorktown Heights, NY


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