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5 Ways to Improve Any Retaining Wall in Bristol, CT

5 Ways to Improve Any Retaining Wall in Bristol, CT

A retaining wall is a utilitarian feature that is often left as is, rather than being made to look like a cohesive part of the landscape. You can take advantage of this prominent landscape feature with a simple upgrade. Here are 5 ways to improve any retaining wall in Bristol, CT.

Many homes feature poured concrete retaining walls which, in some cases, lend a cool industrial look to a living space, but in most cases, look dingy and dated. For the best look and longevity, it’s also recommended that you replace wood retaining walls. These types of retaining walls are the least desirable option due to their relatively short lifespan and high maintenance requirements.


Add a Capstone

The simplest way to update a concrete retaining wall that’s in good shape, is to add a capstone. Unilock coping options, such as Ledgestone, instantly improve upon the appearance of plain concrete walls, and at a very reasonable cost. Ledgestone coping looks great with any wall system, so you can add it onto any existing masonry wall to achieve a finished appearance.


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Add a Masonry Veneer

Adding a masonry veneer gives your retaining wall unparalleled beauty. For a gorgeous natural stacked flagstone look, Unilock Rivercrest Wall delivers the character and design flexibility of natural stone with the durability and cost-effectiveness of concrete. Unilock Estate Wall features a gorgeous wall with an antiqued weather-worn finish, and Unilock Lineo Dimensional Stone is the perfect sleek, plank-look veneer for a modern home. All Unilock wall units are designed for ease of installation, design flexibility and durability. Adding a masonry veneer is an upgrade that is initially more costly, but is one of those projects that will have you saying, “I wish I did this years ago!”


Add Levels

Even a relatively short retaining wall can be more interesting and functional with the addition of a lower level for a terraced effect. This level can house a very conveniently placed garden (perfect for an herb garden close to an outdoor kitchen) or serve as built-in seating. Adding seating integrates the retaining wall into an outdoor living space – whether there’s one currently in place or not. Build a fire pit area adjacent to a retaining wall, add built-in seating, and you’ll create a new focal point that everyone will love!


Add Water

Nothing adds more “wow” to a retaining wall than a waterfall. If you already have a masonry retaining wall in place, this is the perfect way to make the wall even more beautiful. It’s never a bad idea to add the serenity and beauty of water to your outdoor living spaces. Whether you integrate a simple Roman-style wall fountain or install a dramatic sheer-descent waterfall, you can incorporate these forgotten utilitarian features into a work of art!


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Add Lighting

Built-in landscape lighting gives your retaining wall a new life after dark. Highlight the wall’s textures and simultaneously illuminate your outdoor living space in a dramatic way!


Add Pillars

Finish the ends of a retaining wall with masonry pillars. Even if you choose to keep a poured concrete wall, adding pillars will give the wall a touch of sophistication. Pillars are also a good place to install light fixtures and present a place to put a decorative urn or planter. These small accents can contribute towards a finished look and help to unify the wall with the existing design scheme.


The title image features an Estate Wall retaining wall.


5 Ways to Improve Any Retaining Wall in Bristol, CT


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