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5 Tips for Getting your Columbus, OH Outdoor Kitchen Ready for Springtime Entertaining

As the sun starts to shine a little more frequently and the days get a little longer here in Columbus, OH, there is no better time than the present to prepare for springtime entertaining in your outdoor kitchen. Whether you’re looking at catering to a crowd or just close friends and family, why not custom build an outdoor kitchen to your exact requirements and dimensions with Unilock. Unilock’s solid designs are sure to give you years of enjoyment and memories to cherish for a lifetime. Below are some crucial points to consider when preparing your outdoor kitchen this spring.

Choose the perfect location

When preparing your outdoor kitchen this spring, take into consideration your space and the location of your intended outdoor kitchen area. Remember to allow just enough distance from your back door to avoid letting all those cooking fumes inside. You’ll also want it just close enough so that bringing food, ingredients and supplies in and out is effortless, however. It’s also important to leave enough open space for your sitting and eating area. Integrating socializing/eating areas and cooking areas will allow easy access between the two and allow the chef to contribute to the social atmosphere.

Choose your materials

Unilock offers products to complete the look of any outdoor space, be it wall blocks for vertical structures or pavers for patio spaces. For a modern style consider Lineo Dimensional Stone for bars and retaining walls, or try a unique, rustic looking grill island built using Rivercrest Wall, to name just a few examples. Be sure to match your new additions to existing patio space or other hardscaped features to give your yard an air of sophistication and unity of design. Durability and aesthetic are key attributes to bear in mind, with Unilock products offering both for a stunning outdoor kitchen area to be enjoyed for decades to come.

Choose your countertop

A useful work space is finished off with a countertop that is easy to clean and durable. Even if your outdoor kitchen is designed purely for the occasional BBQ, plenty of workspace for food preparation is always a huge advantage.

Choose your grill

An outdoor kitchen wouldn’t be an outdoor kitchen without a grill. When selecting this important element, take into consideration the size of gatherings you wish to host and amount of food you will be cooking at any one time. Another important aspect to take into consideration is its aesthetic appearance and how it contributes to your overall look.

Choose your other appliances and features

Your kitchen size and how much you wish to store for convenience and accessibility will help you decide on whether you will need things such as a fridge or sink. These can make handy features, adding value and versatility to your kitchen. Consider a wet bar and outdoor refrigerator to ease cleaning and ensure a ready supply of chilled beverages for your guests.

The title image features an outdoor kitchen paved with Unilock’s Series 3000 pavers, with vertical structures built from Lineo Dimensional Stone.

5 Tips for Getting your Columbus, OH Outdoor Kitchen Ready for Springtime Entertaining

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