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5 Things to Keep in Mind When Looking for Walkway Pavers in the Orange Lake, NY, Area

5 Things to Keep in Mind When Looking for Walkway Pavers in the Orange Lake, NY, Area

Walkway pavers can completely transform the look of your home and landscape. Of course, not all pavers are created equal. To get the most value for your money, here are five things to keep in mind when looking for walkway pavers in the Orange Lake, NY, area.

You’ve seen it: a beautiful home in a traditional style, with gorgeous brick siding and custom woodwork—and an ugly, cracked, and chipped poured concrete walkway. The two just don’t go together, yet in the interest of saving money, some homeowners will sacrifice the overall appeal of their home by choosing boring (and short-lived) poured concrete walkway. While the initial cost of installing a paver walkway is higher, that cost is instantly offset by greater curb appeal. Over the long run, the cost is further offset by not having to make costly repairs as you would with a poured concrete walkway. Keep in mind poured concrete is prone to shifting and cracking due to the freeze-thaw cycle of NY state winters.


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Choosing Walkway Pavers

Start by choosing walkway pavers that complement your home’s architectural style. Don’t try to match the colors or the siding material exactly. The walkway is its own entity, so look at pavers that bring out the best in the home. For example, Unilock Town Hall pavers add the traditional appeal of brick to your home, but if your home already has brick siding, that aesthetic could be too much. Instead, you could use a paver such as Unilock Brussels Block and add Town Hall pavers as a border that will visually tie the walkway to the home.


Color Choices

As far as colors, you could choose field pavers in a color a few shades lighter or darker than the home. If you want, you could closely match the border to the home’s siding or roof. However, there’s no rule that says you have to match your border to the home. You can make a very dramatic statement by using a color that vibrantly contrasts the field pavers—as long as the colors complement the home’s colors, a walkway is an opportunity for creative expression!


Appearance Over Time

When choosing pavers for color, keep in mind that not all pavers keep their color over time. Some manufacturers only apply colored aggregate to the surface. If a paver should chip from having something heavy dropped on it, the lighter-colored aggregate beneath the surface will show. Unilock EnduraColor Plus technology ensures that color is mixed throughout the paver so that surface blemishes won’t be as noticeable. Some pavers also fade quickly. In fact, all building materials whether natural or manmade, will fade over time. Unilock pavers are manufactured using a two-step procedure that allows for concentrated color on the surface, which helps them retain their color far longer than lesser-quality pavers—plus all Unilock pavers mature beautifully.



For a realistic stone appearance, Unilock also uses quartz or granite chips in certain pavers, for added dimension, depth of color, and brilliance. The sleek contemporary Umbriano pavers look just like cut granite thanks to the random dispersion of actual granite particles in each paver.


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Non-Slip Surface

Safety is important in a walkway paver. You don’t want pavers that are slippery when wet or that have rough surfaces that could pose a tripping hazard. Focus your attention on non-slip pavers: Even the smooth surface of Unilock Beacon Hill Smooth remains non-slip when wet.



Finally, look for pavers that will last! Unilock pavers are designed with 4x the strength of poured concrete and they withstand freeze-thaw cycles and deicers. Damaged pavers can be replaced individually, which greatly lowers the lifetime cost of the walkway.


This title image features a Thornbury paver walkway.


5 Things to Keep in Mind When Looking for Walkway Pavers in the Orange Lake, NY, Area

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