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5 Sleek Concrete Pavers for Refined Mendham, NJ, Driveways

5 Sleek Concrete Pavers for Refined Mendham, NJ, Driveways

Concrete pavers bring a look like no other to residential design, adding aesthetics, curb appeal, and value to your home. Driveways can be a large portion of landscape design, so using a high-quality material that looks stunning is important. Whether it’s a new construction or redoing an existing driveway, Unilock pavers offer style and durability. Here are 5 Unilock pavers that will bring a sleek look to your Mendham, NJ, driveway:


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This modern paver is made with Enduracolor Facemix and ColorFusion Technology for a random dispersion of color and a surface of fine, hardwearing aggregates. The snowy gray of the Winter Marvel color option offers the classic appearance of granite and the strength to match. Umbriano can handle vehicular loads, and the various size options available in the random bundle are ideal for creating a spontaneous appearance. EasyClean Stain Resistance Technology provides a level of stain resistance that helps keep your driveway looking great. Choose a darker color like Midnight Sky as an accent to creating beautiful borders and add contrast.


Senzo is perfect for contemporary designs that call for a bold look. Lay this 8×16 inch paver in a herringbone pattern to add interest to large areas. Cremo is a soft beige that adds an earthy tone to your design, and contrasts well with mulched areas and grass. Enduracolor Technology adds vivid color and ensures that the look of the pavers will never fade. It’s also made with EasyClean Technology so tire tracks, dirt, and other stains won’t leave a permanent mark. Complement this look with an accent paver like Copthorne in a soldier course around the perimeter.


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If you want an updated twist on a classic, Mattoni is a beautiful brick-like paver with a slender, European-style format. The unique shape makes for an elegant driveway in a herringbone pattern, especially in a color like Sable Blend with its gently distressed finish. This paver looks great in combination with other pavers like Brussels Block for custom designs or intricate patterns. If you need to accommodate curves or rounded borders, Mattoni is versatile and can be fitted to most designs.



This plank-like paver is true to its name, delivering an artsy, modern feel. Several shapes and sizes are available so you can create courses of varied sizes for geometric interest. A variety of surface textures add to the mix, with the Smooth Finish and Umbriano Finish both available in several colors. Create your own custom look for a contemporary design that doesn’t just complement your home, but is, itself, a star.



This simple paver is available in a few small-format shapes, such as a 5×10 inch rectangle. What makes this paver different is its potential for permeable applications, allowing water runoff to penetrate back into the groundwater system. This makes it a green alternative to traditional pavers, ecologically friendly, and convenient for locations where excess water can accumulate or cause problems. It’s available in several finishes, such as the Umbriano Finish or Tumbled Finish, so you can truly have a look of your own.

If you want a sleek driveway for your Mendham, NJ, home, these pavers are sure to deliver the look, along with durability and function. Our Authorized Contractor program can connect you with vetted contractors who work with our products and are guaranteed to satisfy. We back all the work done through our Authorized Contractors, so contact us today and let’s get started!


The title image features an Eco-Priora driveway.


5 Sleek Concrete Pavers for Refined Mendham, NJ, Driveways

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