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5 Reasons Why Pavers from Unilock Can Improve Your Wayne, NJ, Walkway

5 Reasons Why Pavers from Unilock Can Improve Your Wayne, NJ, Walkway

Investing in your outdoor spaces is a wise investment in your home. Your home could have the most gorgeous interior design but if the outdoor spaces aren’t up to par, the overall value is diminished. One of the simplest ways to add value and curb appeal to your home is to invest in a paver walkway at your home’s entry. Here are five reasons why pavers from Unilock can improve your Wayne, NJ, walkway.



Nobody wants the hassle or expense of replacing cracked or crumbling poured concrete every couple of years. Unilock concrete pavers are 4x stronger than poured concrete and much more durable. They feature long-lasting color and appearance, and significantly more curb appeal than poured concrete or asphalt. The long-term benefits easily outweigh the initial higher investment of a paver walkway. While value can be considered the number-one reason to choose Unilock concrete pavers, it’s not the only reason.


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Unilock offers a wide variety of paver styles to complement any architectural aesthetic. You can choose from textured pavers like the larger-format Beacon Hill Flagstone. Beacon Hill can be called the chameleon of pavers. It is equally at home in rustic, traditional, colonial, or modern settings, and its texture looks absolutely stunning when the sun dips lower on the horizon.

For a relaxed welcoming vibe, opt for Brussels Block pavers with their weathered quality. Imagine yourself walking down a narrow street in a Tuscan village—that’s the feeling you can achieve by choosing Brussels Block.

One way to enhance the look of your paver walkway is to get creative with borders. For a subtle look, use smaller field pavers laid perpendicular to the field, for a bold look, use a contrasting color and/or a different type of paver. One popular walkway combination is Brussels Block field pavers with a Courtstone border.

Some concrete pavers are known to etch—as the top layer wears off, the underlying whitish aggregates are exposed. Unilock EnduraColor technology prevents this from happening by ensuring that the color goes much deeper than just a thin layer on the surface. This way, normal wear and tear won’t mar the appearance of the pavers, and should a paver ever be damaged, it can be replaced individually. Because they are so versatile, Unilock pavers allow you to express your creativity. Whether your walkway is winding or straight, narrow or wide, Unilock has you covered.



Safety is important in a walkway paver. All Unilock pavers are non-slip, for a surefooted journey from the driveway to the front door (or wherever the walkway may take you). For even more safety, Unilock offers permeable pavers such as Eco-Priora, which allow rainwater and snowmelt to seep through the joints into the ground below, to prevent pooling and runoff.


Durability/Long Life

Unilock concrete pavers are built to last, and they’re designed for carefree outdoor living. They withstand freeze-thaw cycles and can stand up to deicers and many other household chemicals. They’re easy to clean (an occasional scrubbing with mild detergent is all that’s needed) and they won’t fade over time. Sealing Unilock pavers is optional. Concrete pavers require less maintenance, fewer repairs, and if a paver ever does get damaged, it can be replaced individually.


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Professional Installation

The final element to consider is installation. Unilock Authorized Contractors are selected for their understanding of Unilock products and expert installations. A paver walkway is only as good as the product and the installation, so if you’re going to choose the best product, choose the best installers too. The quality of the installation will give you immediate as well as long-term satisfaction that you made a wise investment in upgrading your walkway to a Unilock paver walkway.


This title image features Brussels Block pavers with Copthorne accents.


5 Reasons Why Pavers from Unilock Can Improve Your Wayne, NJ, Walkway

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