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5 Pavers to Complement Your Contemporary Seacoast Landscape Design

5 Pavers to Complement Your Contemporary Seacoast Landscape Design


While the Seacoast region is known for its colonial architecture, it’s not without its modern touches. Contemporary landscape design can, in fact, help to keep older homes looking stylish without taking away from their traditional appeal. If you’re looking to add a contemporary touch to your landscape, consider incorporating one or more of the following pavers into your design:


Beacon Hill Smooth

Beacon Hill Smooth can help to add a subtle contemporary feel to any outdoor space or hardscape area. While its smooth, refined surface is a distinctly modern feature, this paver’s warm, natural shades and gentle color gradients keep the space warm, welcoming and cosy. These color options include Sierra, Tuscany, and Copper Ridge. For a more neutral tone, consider the Steel Mountain color option. Beacon Hill Smooth is also available in an XL Unit, which measures 20.875″ X 34.625″ X 2.375″. This size is ideal for creating an open, unbroken space with a spacious, contemporary feel.

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Bristol Valley

What gives Bristol Valley pavers their sophisticated modern appeal is their slightly irregular zero-bevel edge. This feature helps to create a high degree of fine visual interest and an overall captivating surface. Bristol Valley borrows its colors and textures from traditional flagstone while offering a fresh take on this classic material. This paver is available in the authentic color options of Bavarian and Steel Mountain, and is as at home in contemporary spaces as it is in more classically-aligned designs.



Artline pavers are the quintessential modern paver. With their long, clean lines and plank-like appearance, Artline pavers offer an elegant, minimalist look. While the Steel Mountain, Winter Marvel and French Grey color options give landscape designers the opportunity to create cool, airy spaces, the Copper Ridge and Tuscany color options can just as easily be used to create comfy, intimate outdoor living areas. In addition, Artline is available in a 2 Color Blend of French Grey and Winter Marvel to maximize variation and visual interest.


Promenade Plank

Like Artline, Promenade Plank offers plank-like shapes in a variety of sizes, with the additional benefit of allowing you to customize the finish. These finishes include the brushed surface texture of the Il Campo Finish, the granite-like surface of the Series and Umbriano Finishes, and the everlasting EnduraColor Finish. This paver is made on demand and is ideal for both residential and large-scale commercial projects.



Umbriano pavers offer the refined, modern appearance of honed granite. Actual granite particles infused into its surface give Umbriano its characteristic granite sparkle. Umbriano comes in a wide color palette, including Autumn Sunset, Midnight Sky, Winter Marvel, Summer Wheat, Harvest Brown, and French Grey. In addition to being widely compatible with a range of different color schemes, Umbriano pavers are suited to almost any outdoor application. Their high strength allows them to be used for both residential and commercial driveway applications, and their EnduraColor Facemix finish ensures that they maintain their color for life. Being equipped with EasyClean Stain Resistance, they’re also stain resistant, therefore excellent for use in outdoor kitchens.

The title image features a contemporary Bristol Valley patio area.


5 Pavers to Complement Your Contemporary Seacoast Landscape Design

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